Tom Cohen, The Amazing Spider-Man at The Comic Bug

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Tom Cohen @ The Comic Bug

The Comic Bug hosted a signing with Tom Cohen, associate producer and writer of the comic book companion to the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man movie. The comic book is a two-part trade series that compliments the new movie. It’s not exactly a prequel but it does goes alongside the film. Cohen had worked so closely with the movie over the past couple of years and was approached to write this mini-series. According to him, it is the first comic book he has ever written too!

Tom Cohen @ The Comic Bug

The book is mostly a narrative on Peter Parker’s thoughts, revealing a little more history and background about his developing relationship with Gwen Stacy, her father and his relationship with Uncle Ben.

Peter wants to impress Gwen’s father and I think this 2 part limited series actually takes a piece from the movie and compliments it with more information on Spidey’s motivation. There is still some action and beating up the bad guys involved but I think most of the real action will need to be seen on the big screen when the movie comes out.

For fans who are very much looking forward to the movie, reading this series will probably add to your experience when you finally watch it. I am looking forward to watching the scene that goes with the comic. I’ve never had a comic-movie viewing experience before so it might be kind of cool.

Tom Cohen @ The Comic Bug Tom Cohen @ The Comic Bug Tom Cohen @ The Comic Bug

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