Anime Expo 2012: Brands Boutique and Cosplay Overload

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Zoe from Brands Boutique invited me to come back to Anime Expo this year and I gladly made the trek to the Los Angeles Convention Center. I missed AX last year and it felt like I haven’t been to the convention in a really long time.

Anime Expo 2012

Yes, I was overwhelmed and somewhat confused. I’m not familiar with a lot of the new anime series that people are cosplaying these days. I mostly recognize Evangelion or Legend of Korra cosplayers. I felt sad for my old-lady-self. I did enjoy taking photos and this video with Fortune Cookie!

The Exhibit Hall has gotten a lot better since I last remembered too. There were so many indie artists, not just at the artist alley but at bigger booths selling a lot of self-produced merchandise. Most of it were high quality goods and I was very much tempted to purchase a lot of cute things.

Anime Expo 2012

Brands Boutique Booth at Anime Expo 2012

It was super crowded inside the Exhibit Hall but hopefully a lot of these artists did well this year. It was great to see the Brands Boutique booth and to see it do well. Zoe is definitely a sweetheart and one of a kind and watch out for more of her events as she expand her business. Great to see hardworking and passionate people promote local artists as well.

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I am glad that I went back this year and deep down, I kind of miss the scene! When I saw all the cosplayers, it made me want to make costumes again and get dressed up for the convention… though my patience for sewing is really lacking these days, I admit. Honestly, I think the AX experience is much better in cosplay, even though it can be a pain in the ass in the heat. It’s just a lot of fun to be with thousands of other people who are dressed up and are enthusiastic about it! Maybe next year, I will make a comeback… watch out! Someone else make my costumes!

Check out some of the cool cosplay I saw. I love this Bolin (Legend of Korra) guy!

Anime Expo 2012 Anime Expo 2012 Anime Expo 2012 Anime Expo 2012 Anime Expo 2012 Anime Expo 2012 Anime Expo 2012 Anime Expo 2012
Anime Expo 2012

Fortune Cookie, most adorable cosplayer.

View the slideshow below or visit my flickr gallery for more photos!

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