SDCC 2012: Go, go Power Rangers! Celebrating 20 Years!

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SDCC 2012

Can you guys believe that the Power Rangers have been around for 20 years? I watched the original series as a child (and even the original Japanese show when growing up in the Philippines!) and although I haven’t kept up with the newer versions, this series will always hold a special place in my heart. Most ladies of my generation grew up wishing they were the Pink Ranger, at least once — she wore pink jeans, for crying out loud.

During Comic-con, they unveiled a mural at the Gaslamp District on Island Avenue and 5th Street. The painting depicted all 19 different Red Rangers over the years plus the most popular ranger ever: the White Ranger from the original series!

The current cast of the show, Power Rangers Super Samurai, joined the party to pose for photos and say hello to the crowd of fans– both kids and adults!

SDCC 2012

The cast members arrived on a bike cab, which is popular in downtown San Diego especially during Comic-con weekend, with current Green Ranger, Hector David Jr., doing an impressive flip out of his seat off the bike.

SDCC 2012 SDCC 2012

Other rangers in attendance were Alex Heartman (Red Ranger), Erika Fong (Pink Ranger), Najee De-Tiege (Blue Ranger) and Brittany Anne Pirtle (Yellow Ranger). It was fun to observe the actors as they interact with their fans because they seem to sincerely enjoy the moment. They definitely loved their fans, interacting with both the kids and the grown ups! The boys were so sweet towards many of the fans, it warmed my heart a little bit as I watched them. If I had been 10 years old and one of the Power Rangers came up to me to speak with me very kindly, I think I would have been completely inspired. It’s great to have fun and good role models for the next generations through such a great and timeless franchise.

The boys seemed to be especially excited and energetic that day. Hector David Jr. hammed it up the most, acting goofy in front of the cameras. I admit it, I was pleasantly surprised by the good looking Rangers. I may be swayed to watch the new episodes soon.

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  • Lyndsi Achucarro

    holy crap, 20 years?! I remember the first time I saw Power Rangers on TV. I’m an old cranky lady.