Norman Reedus: Why I Will Stalk Him at Comikaze Expo

When Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo announced that Norman Reedus will be their guest next month in September 15-16 at the LA Convention Center, I proved my “creepy fangirl-ness” yet again by sending the convention’s CEO, Regina, a text message requesting she allows me to breathe on him during the con. It’s okay. I think Regina is still going to allow me to attend the convention anyways…

I admit that I was slow on getting on the Norman Reedus bandwagon. I didn’t watch The Boondock Saints until about a year ago (loved it!) and the celebrity crush only blossomed while watching  The Walking Dead. I fell in love with Daryl Dixon and his grumpy, zombie-ass-kicking ways.

Daryl is an original character created for the television series and was not in the comic books originally… and it’s so rare that geeks would accept such deviations easily. Reedus plays the character so well, balancing Daryl-the-Cold-Blooded-Hunter-Jerk and Daryl-the-Hero-with-a-Hint-of-Humanity-Sometimes. How can you reject such a complex and well executed character? I can also speak for a lot of ladies who are kind of a sucker for that kind of duality in broody male characters.

Is he just a bad boy or does he actually care? It doesn’t matter, his angst glare is quite sexy. What a tease!

When the zombie apocalypse dawns upon us and ends most of humanity, I would want Dixon in my camp. Sure, he might not be the life of a party but he will preserve your life. In order to survive, you gotta be a dick! Someone has to make the hard decisions around here when zombies are chomping at your bits. He is very, very handy with the bow and arrow, hunting and horseback riding.

The horseback riding will come in handy when we do develop a romantic relationship driven by the intensity of our lives running away from the undead. I’m thinking ahead here. Gotta repopulate the planet once the zombies are all dead (I mean, rotted away), after all.

In all seriousness, Reedus is a great actor who we don’t see much but when he is on screen, he definitely stands out.

Comikaze Expo is hosting a reunion between him and his Boondock Saints co-stars, Sean Patrick Flanery and David Della Rocco. I am looking forward to this panel the most this year. If you are in the Southern California area, we hope to see you at the convention!

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