I recently played Cubistry by the Hohng Company. It’s their first game and is available for download from their site here.


It’s a nice little puzzle game. It’s a bit like mahjong, but in the shape of a cube.


The controls are very nice, you can rotate the cube by moving your mouse to the edge of the screen, so no need for much keyboard punching. The music isn’t in your face, just mellow in the backgorund. The sound effects when rolling over the squares are a bit annoying, but can be turned off from options.

There’s not a lot to the game. You match pairs and they disappear, revealing more squares to match. Once you’ve cleared them all you’ve “won”. It seems to lack the strategy mahjong presents because being able to rotate the cube means you never run out of pairs (at least I didn’t in my play-throughs). But, I made up little challenges for myself, like how many pairs can I match without moving the camera? Quite a few, actually. It made for a slightly faster and more interesting game.


So, while not earth shattering, it’s a nicely polished first game and worth a look if you want to kill 10 minutes now and then.

Can you beat my time? Bring it biznatches!

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