CONTEST: Pitch Perfect Giveaway!

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Singing and PITCH-slapping!

Pitch Perfect brings it all on with a diverse group of women belting tunes on their way to the top. The movie stars Anna Kendrick (Scott Pilgrim), who plays Beca, a college girl who finds a place with a group of female misfits.

Want to win? Read more to find out how!

One (1) winner will receive:

•  $15 Movie Cash

•  Pitch Perfect Sunglasses

• Pitch Perfect Earbuds

• Pitch Perfect T-shirt or Tank Top

• Aca-Awesome Magnetic Poetry

HOW TO ENTER: Please leave a comment below on this blog entry with A) Your Name B) E-mail address and C) answer the following question: Which is your favorite song to sing in the shower?

ADDITIONAL ENTRY: Increase your chances of winning by following us on Twitter at @defectivegeeks and tweet the following:

Get Pitch Slapped! I’ve entered the Pitch Perfect contest for fun prizes at @defectivegeeks! #PitchPerfect RT

Contest ends on Wednesday, September 12, 2012 @ Midnight PST. Winner will be contacted via e-mail provided by the contestant within 24 hours.

Pitch Perfect will hit selected theaters on September 28
and will be released everywhere on October 5!

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  • bill norris

    usually whatever was playing on the radio when it woke me up.

  • Mallory McDonald

    A) Mallory McDonald
    C) What I did for love – A Chorus Line

  • Mallory McDonald

    A) Mallory McDonald B) C) What I did for love – A Chorus Line

  • gaby

    A) Gabriela Azurdia
    C) I want to hold your hand by The Beatles. (any Beatles song is awesome haha)

  • Diandra Kelly

    A)Diandra Kelly
    C) Sparks Fly – Taylor Swift

  • Tyler

    A) Tyler Asato
    C) The Bad Touch – Bloodhound Gang

  • Mai

    A) Maile Vavao
    C) I Want To Dance With Somebody- Whitney Houston

  • Keana Yazdan

    Keana Yazdan
    Usually a song playing on the radio. Like around Christmas time, I sing Christmas songs. I don’t know why but I always sing ‘Celebrate (good times)’ haha!! :D

  • Marryjoyce Arroyo

    hit me w/ your best shot

  • Savannah.seixas

    A) Savannah Seixas
    C) Havanna Brown- Big Banana