Dean Cain Will Always Be My Superman

Forget that Smallville bullshit (that’s right, I said it!).

Superman on television for me will always be no other than Dean Cain from Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. The series aired from 1993 until 1997 and I remember watching the show every week, in love with the entire premise and the portrayal of the franchise. Mind you, I have not sat down to re-watch the show for many years now and I can’t recall much details. All I remember is how it made me feel every time I sat down to watch an episode… and it was pure, nerd-joy!

I plan to acquire the DVDs of all four seasons to refresh my memory sooner than later.

I’ve had to pretend that Desperate Housewives did not exist because I couldn’t deal with the fact that Teri Hatcher was in fact, no longer Lois Lane. She embodied that character for me during my early teen years and left a very deep impression on how Lois Lane should be. Yes, she played a damsel in distress but there was always a sense that she was this sassy, strong and smart reporter. Plus, she was a lot of fun and more goofy Lois.

When I picture Clark Kent, I still see Dean Cain in my mind – boyishly handsome, dimples and cheekbones and all! I had a gigantic crush on him. I randomly have Twitter attacks where all I do is gush about how he will always be MY Superman.

He played both sides so well and in fact, I really did come to believe that as Clark Kent he was fully in disguise. Those giant glasses sort of made a difference, right?! No? Maybe?… Anyways…

Cain, to me, remains the best Superman to this day. I really did believe him in that character, more so than that Smallville guy (again, that’s right… I said it!). He had that nerdy-shy-Clark-Kent demeanor down and then he also totally rocked the suit! These days, people seem to want to get away from the red underwear, full-body blue suit and cape. I mean, the Smallville kid didn’t even wear it until the LAST episode of the show (WTF!). Superman is Superman. He needs to be in that classic suit.

Superman isn’t gritty and full of angst. He is the opposite of how Batman is portrayed now. Yes, his parents and his entire planet of origin was blown to bits but he was lucky enough to be adopted by well-adjusted parents who lived on a farm. He grew up to be a good guy and a journalist who got bullied around by his co-worker and the love of his life. He stood as a symbol of justice who fought the bad guys out of the goodness of his own heart.

The show will probably seem “campy” (a word that gets thrown around these days during this Era of Nolan) but if you don’t understand the pure, innocent fun of watching this show… then you have no heart. Seriously.

Trust me, if you’ve never seen the series, you really should. This was the last superhero series that embraced the “campy” or the “cheesy” and turned it into an entertaining show with a lot of heart. Sometimes, I just need a show that will make me smile and this was one those.

Lois and Clark Forever! I also love how her name is listed first on the title. That’s awesome.

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