Holy Awesomeness, Batman! Kevin Smith and Adam West at Comikaze Expo 2012

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If you’re a fan of Kevin Smith then you probably know about his podcast Fat Man on Batman, a show where he discusses all things Batman.  This year he did a special live episode at Comikaze with none other than legend Adam West, the original and most iconic Batman. The Space Pirate Queen and I were lucky enough to attend and witness the glory of these two men on stage together.

Fatman on Batman @ Comikaze Expo 2012

The show started with Smith talking about his first exposure to the character Batman. The 1960’s show was on television and he watched it everyday. Smith was only four years old when he was introduced to this character and because of it Batman became his first hero. Smith’s moral code that he developed started with Adam West’s Batman. He went on to say that he had not met West until a few minutes before the live podcast and that he was beyond excited.

Fatman on Batman @ Comikaze Expo 2012

Once West came on stage, after some well deserved applause, he pointed out that he and Smith are their own version of the “Dynamic Duo”. Smith, the Fat Man, and West, the Batman! The whole audience, Smith especially, could not help but be charmed by West and his unique delivery.

The two men discussed West’s career as the Dark Knight, his experiences working as that character, and the effect that Batman has on people. Smith said, “Batman instills hope in people, he instills wonder.” This statement hit the nail right on the head for me because, like Smith, Batman is also my first hero and I too grew up watching the 1960’s Batman.

Fatman on Batman @ Comikaze Expo 2012

For me one of the best parts of this show was seeing the awe and admiration on Kevin Smith’s face. I have been lucky enough to see Smith live numerous times, and never before had I seen him so full of pure wonderment. Since Batman is also my first hero, every word Smith said was not only meaningful, but personal as well. I could tell everything he said came from the heart.

Fatman on Batman @ Comikaze Expo 2012

Honestly, I couldn’t help but get a bit chocked up because there is something truly humbling about seeing a person you admire be in front of someone they admire. Since I am also a fan of West’s (and earlier that day got his autograph and said something along the lines of “I love lamp” to him) I felt like I had an idea of what Smith must have been experiencing.

Fatman on Batman @ Comikaze Expo 2012 Fatman on Batman @ Comikaze Expo 2012 Fatman on Batman @ Comikaze Expo 2012

Adam West was an absolute delight. He was funny and honest about his experiences playing the Caped Crusader, the good and the bad. He also made some double entendre jokes about his and Robin’s “poles”. Insert immature giggle here.

In order to prepare for the role of Batman, West used his experiences and feelings from when he was a kid role playing as Batman. Once he was cast he developed a relationship with the writers, so that they wrote the part for him. It was neat to see that he had truly invested himself in the role.

A line West said, in regards to his current role as the Mayor of Quohog, that had me cave over from laughter, “I keep reinventing myself, like Madonna.” 

Fatman on Batman @ Comikaze Expo 2012

It was an honor and a pleasure to see these two men together on stage. It’s a dream come true for me because they are two people I have admired for a long time and to have them interact made all of my nerd hormones practically combust. I’m surprised I lived to tell the tale and am not currently a puddle somewhere on the floor of the LA Convention Center.

Make sure to check out the entire episode of Fat Man on Batman, by clicking here. You will thank yourself.

Photos by the Space Pirate Queen. 

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