Book Review: Supernatural Rights of Passage


There is a grand irony in this world. The Space Pirate Queen and Gizzy B are the obsessed Supernatural fans. I am not. Now, don’t get me wrong! I thought it was ok, and yes, they are hot. But, I don’t know, I didn’t make it past season 2.

So when I, of all people, got offered a chance to review the book Rite of Passage, I had a good old giggle at SPQ.

It takes place during Season 7, so I’m a little bit out of step with what the heck is going on, therefore I’m putting in a SPOILERS warning here, because I have NO idea what is or isn’t common knowledge the fans. You have been warned.

The story begins with Sam, Dean, and Bobby fighting a flock (do you call them a flock?) of harpies. Sam is dealing with Lucifer popping in and out of reality in his head (I seriously missed some shit between season 2 and 7) and Dean is struggling with the futility of hunting. They always seem to arrive to late to save someone.

The boys are then put on the trail of some unusual happenings in Laurel Hill, New Jersey. What first seems like a series of freak accidents, begin to escalate into even more bizarre and terrible disasters. 100 car pile ups, stadiums collapsing when full of football fans, and behind it all a man dressed in a bowler hat with a cane. I really enjoyed the build up of the story and how the narrative switched perspectives. It meant you didn’t get tired of hearing one voice over and over and the pacing never got stale.

It also keeps the wry humour I remember enjoying in the show. It didn’t seem like anything huge was revealed, but I enjoyed revisiting the characters and going on an adventure with them. It’d be the perfect way to kill some time between seasons if you’re craving more time with the Winchester boys.

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