GEEK LIFE: A 5K Zombie Run, We Are Going to Run for Our Lives

Tomorrow, I am doing my second 5K run.And it involves an obstacle course… and zombies.

Last year, my friends and I saw the website and promptly decided it was a good idea to register for the race. Now, it’s actually happening. Did we train properly to run from zombies and go through a 5K obstacle course? NOPE!

Chances of survival? Very little. Next thing we knew, tomorrow is already race day.

I spent some of my time today reviewing the videos on the event YouTube’s channel.

I am not quite prepared for this run and the zombie volunteers sure look determined to get at you. Still, I am not quite sure what to expect. Will all my weekly cardio routine be enough for this? I hope so. I’m just afraid the obstacle courses will require a lot of upper body strength which I lack. Maybe fear and adrenaline will propel me towards the finish line with my skin intact.

Or maybe I’ll be eating brains by this time tomorrow morning. Then again, Barney Stinson said it best on how to train for a marathon.

Despite the drive to Temecula (a mere hour and a half from my house) in the early morning on a Saturday, I am quite excited for this event. I may fail miserably but at least I’m pretty sure I can take down one another person from my survival team along with me. If only we had Daryl Dixon with his crossbow (see Norman Reedus: Why I Will Stalk Him at Comikaze Expo), then I will be more confident in our zombie dodging skills. Unfortunately, we can not hit any of the zombie volunteers in the head with baseball bats. They now have rights to chase us freely — they must have formed a Zombie Union or something.

There are going to be a lot of diving into muddy waters so I doubt I can actually capture my run on video or on photos but I will definitely capture as much of the event as I can without having a zombie gnaw on my camera.

It’s going to be a crazy, Saturday morning! The people in the photos seem to be smiling and having fun.

Has anyone in other cities already survived the run? Who else will be running in Southern California or in the upcoming other cities?

For more information on this event, please visit To watch more of their fun videos, visit the ReedStreetProductions YouTube Channel.

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