The Best of the Podcast 2011-2012

We recently won our first award for the podcast, the Crashy Awards from PodCRASH with That Chris Gore Podcast Awards 2012!

So I decided to go through all 80+ of our past episodes and pick and choose some of the “Best Of” from 2011-2012. This is especially great for people who are tuning in on our website for the first time and is wondering where they should start.

Here are the Top 6 episodes that you should listen to and get a feel of what we podcast about.

EPISODE 9: Geek Girls Are Not So Easy
ur Lady DefectiveGeekers prove themselves to be quite un-ladylike with their nerdy, fantasy, sci-fi-y ways. They delve into the perception of certain bloggers on New York Times about women not having a particular interest on the fantasy genre. But guess what? We will watch Games of Thrones with great anticipation. We also do protest that your book clubs aren’t reading The Hobbit first– SO THERE!

EPISODE 12: Emo Viking and Alcoholic Zombies
Our Lady DefectiveGeekers sympathizes with the emo viking and his love of flowers and kittens. Also, lots of zombie talk including how Giselle will one day be the town alcoholic zombie… just keep the weed away so she won’t get the ‘munchies’ for human flesh.

EPISODE 37: Gizzy B’s Diary
Gizzy B reads from her private journal… from when she was in eight grade. Get caught in a dramatic and emotional journal of younger Gizzy as she fights for her right to watch vampire movies and have beautiful, viking-like hair. This journey will take you back to your own childhood when as children we really had nothing better to do. Fanfic Theatre: Chuck.

EPISODE 43: A New Year with Harrison Ford
A new year, another year for the Lady Geeks to babble and giggle like the awkward nerds we are. This podcast presents to you the future of food printing and the end of the world according to the Mayan calendar. Which is why we decided to answer the age-old question: Indiana Jones or Han Solo? Fanfic Theatre: Yoda and tequila.

EPISODE 59: Drunkcast and Galloping Abs
It’s our first drunkcast – the Lady Geeks record a podcast after playing the Star Wars drinking game for Episode IV. We pretend to have soberish discussions as we introduce our newest Defective Geek, Sabina aka Wicked Phoenix, and her tale of geekery. Listen to our very sexy reading of a romantic novel gone very wrong.

EPISODE 80: The Golden Retriever Dinosaur Rises
The Lady Geeks discuss haunted houses and mazes in Los Angeles and the struggle of English people to understand the concept of Halloween, with Pilbeam explaining her ongoing quest in forcing her friends to celebrate properly. We also come up with the story concept for Jurassic Park 4 with Jeff Goldblum and his heartwarming dinosaur buddy.

To check out all of our episodes, click here. For whatever reason, iTunes f’ed up our podcast subscription on their store so there is no way to search for us there. Still trying to figure out that f’ed up-ness — but Stitcher is good to us!  So find us there instead!

Enjoy and I hope to hear from all our listeners soon!

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