Journey to The Hobbit: Hillywood’s Parody Video

I may very well be more excited about the upcoming release of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey this month than I am about Christmas. We get Christmas every year! The Hobbit is only going to come for only three years. Starting today, I will be showcasing Hobbit movie related things that are popping up all over the internet. I am going to start with this fan parody video:

I confess that I enjoy me some LMFAO (I was quite sad when they decided to disband) — I am not a cool person, obviously, my music taste is pretty despicable.

Despite the music choices, this video by the Hillywood sisters amuses me to no end!

Maybe I just enjoy dwarves chugging ale and getting drunk. The ending pretty much cracks me up.

I watch videos from Hillywood on and off. They are probably not everyone’s cup of tea but I find them adorable. Their Vampire Diaries parody is also pretty good. This Hobbit video is their best by far in my opinion. Their attention to detail in each video kills me and I think I’m just a sucker for people who can look like all kinds of different characters… and their impersonations are so good.

Tune in tomorrow for another edition of Hobbit-lovin’!

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