STAR TREK: Cast Interview and TOS Trivia Fun

It’s a damn good time to be a Trekkie.

After over four years of practically NOTHING (unless you count three frames of footage and a few blurry snapshots of the film set), the past few weeks have seen a sudden flood of shiny new goodies from the next installment of the Star Trek Reboot. Between the official synopsis, the teaser poster, the trailer, the first (spoilery!) movie still, AND the first 9 minutes of the film airing in IMAX 3D screenings of The Hobbit, I barely knew what to do with myself.


To top it all off, interviews with the cast of Star Trek into Darkness have started showing up online. It feels like an old band getting back together and touring after a long hiatus. And it fucking rocks.

Here’s my favorite interview so far, from ET Online. In which the cast and J. J. Abrams undergo a “warp speed” trivia round.

Gotta love Karl Urban for letting his geek flag fly proudly ♥ He is not kidding around with his answers. (“The Tholian Web.” “I thought you were going to say Arena–” “The Tholian Web.”) I also love John Cho for pointing out that, in addition to being a total badass, Ricardo Montalbán/Khan was a man of color. Chris Pine’s apt description of Tribbles made me laugh (“Cute, fuzzy, furry, fertile.”), as did Zoe Saldana’s strategy of picking favorites based on hotness (hey, who hasn’t done that).

The questions from the “warp speed” interview are:

1) What is your favorite Star Trek alien?
2) Who is your favorite Star Trek villain?
3) What is your favorite Star Trek episode?
4) Can you do the Vulcan salute?

Here are my own answers, just for kicks. (Note: I’ve only seen The Original Series so far!)

1) Fave aliens: Romulans! And I’m not talking shaved-head-and-face-tattoos Romulans from the Reboot, I’m talking the silly-helmet-wearing honorable warrior Romans Romulans from TOS. Specifically, the Romulan Commander from “Balance of Terror” who totally had a big ol’ crush on Captain Kirk.

“In a different reality, I could have called you friend.” … Actually, in a different reality you blow up his dad and then destroy Vulcan. Sorry, bro.

2) Fave villain: Mirror ‘verse Sulu. Do I even have to explain why? LOOK AT THIS FIERCE BITCH.

He will cut you :D

Mirror!Spock doesn’t count because, let’s be honest, he wasn’t really evil. His goatee, on the other hand, totally was.


3) Fave episode: I have a bunch, but let’s go with “Friday’s Child.” It’s no big secret that Dr. Leonard H. McCoy is my favorite, and this episode was full of great Bones moments. Including what is arguably the greatest line ever written in television: “I’m a doctor, not an escalator!” This was also the episode where Bones delivers an alien baby in a fucking cave, and the mother names the child Leonard James Akaar.

McCoy and his namesake.

4) Vulcan salute: Alright, so pretty much everyone can do it, but some people can’t do it with both hands (including Zachary Quinto, apparently). Well, like Karl Urban, I am ambidextrous when it comes to the Ta’al. Aww yeah.

Live long and prosper, bbs ♥

Tell us your favorite alien/villain/episode from Star Trek in the comments below, and/or show off your Vulcan salute! What are you most excited to see in Star Trek into Darkness? Only 151 days and counting…!

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