‘Warm Bodies’ and Why I Already Love This Movie

Warm Bodies

“They would literally eat anything with a heart beat. I mean, I will to, but at least I’m conflicted about it.”

When the concept for Warm Bodies was first brought to my attention, my immediate reaction was: “I am going to watch this movie because it’s going to be about zombies and it’s going to be terrible but amazing.” The premise is that a young zombie falls in love with a living human girl. Last night, I finally saw a trailer for this movie. My opinion has changed dramatically. This movie is going to be amazing for real. It gave me happy, squishy feelings inside and here is a list of why people who dig zombie flicks (or even people who don’t!) should give this movie a chance.

1) First, watch the trailers and the first 4-minute preview of the movie on the official website — www.warmbodies.com

If the trailer doesn’t give you squishy feelings inside then you are more dead inside than zombies.

2) Trust me, I know that the best part about zombies is that they are absolutely terrifying to watch. The Walking Dead haunts its readers/viewers at a very human core based on our fear of losing everything including our humanity. . . and getting eaten alive. We have very specific laws and ideas on zombies but for me, when someone comes in and breaks down these laws in a fun way, it deserves a chance. Warm Bodies,  which is based on a novel by Isaac Marion, takes all the elements of zombie that we are all familiar with and recreates it. The story extends what is otherwise a horror genre into a love story plus some comedy.

And so far, based on the previews, it does it very well in an entertaining and funny way.

3) Again, I love zombies because they are just pure monsters. I was wary that Warm Bodies will give zombies a ‘Twilight Twist’ of turning monsters into sexy, sparkling boys. What warmed me up to the main zombie character, R (Nicholas Hoult), is that he is just a boy. He narrates his thoughts to the audience and they are something we can actually relate to. No overblown angst, emo-ing or drama. Just a matter-of-fact steam of thinking: Damn, I’m dead, this kind of sucks but I don’t know what to do.

He won’t make your eyes roll like Edward Cullen. He will make you go, “Awww… squishy zombie boy!”

His crush on the human girl is absolutely adorable.

“Don’t be creepy. Don’t be creepy.”

4) Truth be told, as much as I love having a good scare, it’s nice to have warm, smiley feelings too. If I can watch a zombie movie and it will make laugh or grin like an idiot, then that’s a win-win situation for me!

5) R is played by Nicholas Hoult, who you should know as young Hank McCoy/Beast from X-Men First Class. Dave Franco is also in it. Of course he is.

6) Based on the bits of dialogue in the trailers, this movie has good writing going on. Hilarious one-liners at least.

So I’m implore all of you to keep an open mind and let’s give Warm Bodies a chance!

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