CONTEST: ‘Dead Space 3′ Giveaway!

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Win a copy of Dead Space 3!

Dead Space 3 brings Isaac Clarke and merciless soldier, John Carver, on a journey across space to discover the source of the Necromorph outbreak. Crash-landed on the frozen planet of Tau Volantis, the pair must comb the harsh environment for raw materials and scavenged parts. Isaac will then put his engineering skills to the ultimate test to create and customize weapons and survival tools. The ice planet holds the key to ending the Necromorph plague forever, but first the team must overcome avalanches, treacherous ice-climbs, and the violent wilderness. Facing deadlier evolved enemies and the brutal elements, the unlikely pair must work together to save mankind from the impending apocalypse. For more information visit

Want to know how to win? Read the instructions below.


Good luck! Now watch the game’s trailer below.

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  • Khavren

    Khavren, slagbah via hotmail and I would want the Tardis, Gay Deciever and a ring of three wishes

  • Jesse Fehrenbacher

    Jesse,, and I would want a sonic screwdriver, a plasma cutter, and a nice book.

  • ryan

    Ryan ryxter (at) yahoo . com and i would want a super comfy water resistant sleeping bag, a super awesome swiss army knife, and telekinesis (that counts as a thing right?)

  • David Alspector

    1. My Ipod so I can have my music and podcasts
    2. Every episode of Lost In Space (the tv series) for irony
    3. One of those giant blow up projection screens, because that would be a great drive in movie backdrop

  • Jeriko

    Jeriko, (melodymv (at) hot mail (dot) com) , says:
    1. My pet wolf, Teto.
    2. Lightsaber, not just any lightsaber, an orange lightsaber.
    3. Two gallons of water.

  • rogannn

    My email should be accessible from my Disqus account, if not just reply to me an I’ll send you the info.
    1. A water filtration system, preferably one that lasts a long time.
    2.Toolkit with basic tools such as hammers, small axes, propane torch(for fire), etc.
    3.A bow or crossbow. so it would be easier to make some arrows if required than to make bullets for a gun, to defend yourself. (Necromorphs!)

  • ScarlettBurn

    scarlettburn [at] gmail [dot] some Stephanie P.

    1. A radar that detects alien objects around me (like in Aliens used by Sigourney Weaver).

    2. A space suit that reclaims sweat and body fluids into air/water (like in Dune!).

    3. A giant space gun that can kill most alien life forms!

  • Francis Dulguime

    1) a self sustaining all environmental armored suit (designed by Isaac Clarke).

    2) a copy of “Surviving in a strange planet for Dummies”

    3) a Predator mask with matching shoulder gun

  • David

    two frozen pizzas and a blowtorch to heat them up :)

  • Robert

    Name: Robert

    3 things I would bring
    – A sledgehammer
    – A Box of condoms
    – A 2 Liter bottler of SIlver Tequila

    … know damn well whats going down

  • Jared Z

    @Darklurkr23 (Jared Z.) tweeted as well

    I’m guessing that this is breathable air or your screwed XD

    1.) Communicator (Vocal or Beacon wise)

    2.) Firing Weapon

    3.) Flashlight

  • Caitlin

    Name: Caitlin (@goodbyetonight on twitter)
    Email: kazuokiriyama17 (at)

    Hmm…three things…
    1) Food
    2) A working ship located conveniently nearby
    3) A gun because you never know

  • liljrSanchez

    Juan Sanchez

    I would bring with me:
    1) Plasma Cutter
    2) iPhone
    3) Food!

  • Andrew

    Andrew (andrewlee67 at aim dot com, and I tweeted as @alee67)
    I’d want to have:
    1) Whatever communications devices they use so I can call a space taxi or whatever to pick me up.
    2) Money to pay for this transportation.
    3) A food replicator to produce supplies while I wait for this transportation.

  • o kiraan

    The translator fish from Hitch Hikers Guide, a portable H2O purification system, & a light saber.

  • qwikciphers

    Name – Kyle Arbiz (@qwikciphers)
    Email –

    3 things I would bring on a strange planet :

    1. An mp3 player (for motivation)
    2. A crossbow (for hunting, I like to keep it simple! + unlimited ammo)
    3. A solar-powered segway (for travel)

  •!/Mysticfail JD

    Email is linked to this Discuss also can be messaged on my Twitter @mysticfail

    1. multitool
    2. Solar charger system
    3. Fully loaded Kindle

  • Rorypori

    1 – Kinesis Module
    2 – Water filter
    3 – Electric guitar

  • Jarago


    1. Contact Beam (if i had one lol)
    2. Solar mobile
    3. hm… maybe book? :D

  • Boris

    one question, is this giveaway worldwide?
    1 – Suit with built-in weapons and a database like Iron Man, Power Suit or whatever
    2 – something timey-wimey, best if bigger inside, filled with food and water
    3 – microfusion or warp reactor, like a really small one, but still powerful enough to power everything I’ll have :D

  • Suzie Williams

    Suzie suziesweeps at

    1. A katana
    2. A crossbow

    3. Chocolate :)

  • Nimbot


    I would take:
    1) Enough oxygen to last me the rest of my life
    2) Some type of device to contact earth
    3) My computer with dead space 3 installed :3

    Thanks for the giveaway

  • Sebastian

    1. Plasma Cutter

    2. Flamethrower

    3. Pack of cigarettes

  • reks


    1)Javelin gun

    2)Night vision goggles

    3)Solar-powered flashlight

  • Hamaad Mujtaba

    Hamaad Mujtaba

    2. water
    3. lightsaber

  • mowmow

    2)kinesis would be nice
    3) a giant gundam robot =} (random yes but hey who doesn’t want to start a galactic war if i encounter anything)

  • Fred

    1) Hot chicks
    2) Waterbed
    3) I guess food?

  • Mr Nerve Damage
    @Mr Nerve Damage

    1.) A multi-tool
    2.) A pillow
    3.) A homing beacon

    Good luck everyone!

  • Cameron Colwell

    1. Katana
    2. Plasma Cutter

    and of course….. (:D)
    3. Sunglasses


  • bill norris

    a weapon of some great destructive value, a friend so i dont go stir crazy and ill have back up….. food, im not a small dude.

  • Melody

    classroomchaos (at) gmail (dot) com

    1. a machete
    2. lipstick
    3. and a really good pair of sunglasses

  • Oregon Slacker

    Shane D, (OregonSlacker)
    1.)Solar Powered/alternate powered Gaming laptop Preloaded with all Earths Best Games (including of course all of the deadspace series!!)
    2.)A portable Shelter (I’m thinking push one button and it expands to a house)
    3.)A portable food replicator

  • Jesus Gomez

    Jesus G
    1) I will bring lots of flares if i will ever want to get rescued
    2) I will bring a generator so i will have unlimited electricity
    3) I will bring a laptop or a desktop with me to have fun

  • Daniel Nguyen

    Daniel Nguyen

    1.) Water bottle

    2.) Gun
    3.) Blanket

  • Christine


    ribbonhearts206 (at) gmail (dot) com

    1) A sleeping bag
    2) Canteen for water
    3) Beef jerky

  • eFFinAddict

    1) Hunting rifle
    2) Deodorant
    3) Candy

  • stevieoned1r

    stevieoned1r (at) gmail (dom) com

    1) Flashlight
    2) Hunting knife
    3) Smart phone

  • Linda

    dalindang (at) gmail (dot) com

    1) Backpack
    2) Tent
    3) Bow & arrow

  • Michael


    1.) Matches
    2.) Fishing rod
    3.) Frying pan

  • John

    John (@TrafalgarKidd)
    mr2_von_clay (at) hotmail (dot) com

    1 – A bottle full of water
    2 – A gun
    3 – The maximum amount of ammo for the gun I could possibly carry

  • Lindsay


    1.) Gun

    2.) A tarp

    3.) A knife

  • Laura

    laurakltran (at) gmail (dot) com

    1. Harpoon
    2. Fork
    3. Socks

  • Jeremy


    1) Portable generator

    2) Lighter
    3) Recliner