Check This Out: ‘The Lizzie Bennet Diaries’

Like many women I adore Pride and Prejudice and have been head over heels in love with Mr. Darcy since I was a little girl. My VHS box set of the BBC production of Pride and Prejudice is practically worn out and every time I see Colin Firth in anything I sigh like a lovesick schoolgirl.

There are many renditions of the story. Some are better than others, and recently I was introduced to a re-telling of the book that is so damn creative and relevant that I truly cannot stop gushing about it. This rendition is the Youtube webseries The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. 

What this webseries does is tell the story of Pride and Prejudice in the style of a vlog. Lizzie Bennet is a grad student and these vlogs are part of a project to earn her Mass Communications degree. She uses the vlogs to talk about her insane mother, her sisters, and their shenanigans. The youngest sister, Lydia, even has her own vlog. It’s so meta (did I really just say that?). The story is updated so that it works beautifully in contemporary times. Charlotte Lewis becomes best friend Charlotte Lu, and Bingley becomes Bing Lee, the rich neighbor who is a med student. What mother doesn’t want her daughter to marry a doctor?

The actors in this rendition are absolutely fantastic in their roles. They’re funny, endearing, and most importantly believable. It reinforces how much I relate to Lizzie and the actor does such a good job that I feel like she is one of my friends who is genuinely relating her life. Also, her impressions of the mother are hilarious.

The way the writers update the situations from the book is quite creative. For instance, Mr. Collins does not want to marry Lizzie, but he does offer her a job proposal that would cause her to sacrifice her schoolwork. As far as the Bennets losing the house, it’s because of investments in Enron and a possible foreclosure instead of the issue of inheritance. The nefarious soldiers become swimmers and Wiccam is in fact a swimming coach.

And yes, ladies, the Darcy in this is pretty darn cute. I know that’s what you were all really wanting to know.


For those of you who are still trepidatious, I dare you to watch the first episode. Just watch the first one and tell me that by the end of it you didn’t immediately click on the second. I dare you. 

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries Youtube Channel
The Lizzie Bennet Twitter
The Lizzie Bennet Diaries Official Website

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