Podcast: Collecting All Comments, Questions and Voicemails!

We are turning 100! Tomorrow night, we will be recording our 100th podcast episode. Although we wished we had something more amazing planned, we’ll be doing the usual — signing online, sitting in our bedrooms in our pajamas and just chatting about all things that interest us. Perhaps making a few¬†inappropriate¬†jokes. Or talk about JGL again. Or zombies. Or Batman.


But we want to hear from YOU, dear listeners!

We’d love to hear your comments and questions. Please leave your comments on here, on our Twitter, or on our Facebook. Or, you can even leave us a voicemail via our SpeakPipe account and we will play it during the episode. You will be speaking to the Space Pirate Queen, Gizzy B, Fortune Cookie, Sailor Mizz and Pilbeam.

We would really love to involve our listeners for this special 100th podcast. Crossing our fingers that we’d get some responses despite this super short notice . . .!

Don’t forget and don’t be shy — the more voicemails we get, the more fun! Go to SpeakPipe and leave one!

Much Love,
Team Defectivegeeks

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