Hollow Ship, a Sci-Fi Comedy Web Series with Stephanie Sheh

Steven Shaw, Helen McElwain, Curtis Fortier, Christopher Gehrman, Stephanie Sheh, Alison Reeves

Stephanie Sheh is most well known and well-loved for her voice acting work in anime, video games and animation. This time, she is calling to all of her own fans to support a new project she is producing, Hollow Ship, and you can find out how to contribute on the Kickstarter page. The show is a comedy that will take place in a science fiction setting — with a ship (hollow deck included) and a crew (who may or may not be getting along too well with each other). Stephanie is very passionate about this project and I agree with her that this show is something all of you geeks should be interested in too.

Read our interview with her below to find out more and how you can contribute and support!

First off, please tell us all you can about Hollow Ship besides what we can read on the Kickstarter page. What made you really want to get involve with this series?

I can’t possibly convey to you how hilarious the series is!! Hmm… well let’s see. Basically my friends from acting class Curtis and Helen created this webseries and they wrote a part for me. So Deena Shong was specifically written for me. The inspiration apparently came from the Natalie Portman Rap Parody that I did for Michael Sinterniklaas’ Roast at Ohayocon. In the original script I was supposed to beat up and carry Chris Gerhman in over my shoulder, so I took a kickboxing class. But it was my first time and I didn’t have gloves and I bruised the crap out of my knuckles. If the series gets made I really need to start hitting the gym harder.

Can you tell us a little bit more about what type of characters can we expect from the show? It looks like there might be some Star Trek parody going on from the sizzle reel.

Well, in Episode 00 you get to meet Alison and Quake. Those characters used to be married and now they constantly bicker. Alison and Chris the actors are dating and live together in real life, so it’s really fun to watch. You also get to meet the Help or Computer. He’s like an annoyed dry butler. Imagine if the Microsoft Paperclip Help Icon (oh jeez, I’m dating myself) was disgruntled.

HSforDG6Do you have a favorite character so far?

I think my favorite character is one that is not in Episode 00. It’s the ship’s doctor Gwen. She’s obsessed with dogs. She has a line that’s something like “Dogs are the best people.” Anyway, I totally agree with that sentiment.

Is this the first time you are involved in a crowdfunding project? What are the biggest challenges are you facing?

It is. And it’s so scary. If we don’t make our $10,000 goal then we get $0. So it’s a big risk. I don’t like asking people for money and I feel like I’m annoying my friends and fans, but I feel passionately about this project. I’ve put some of my own money into it too, not to mention a countless number of hours. We’re trying really hard to keep people interested in the project. We wrote and created these Crew Member audio blogs and while we shot Episode 00 we made sure to take behind the scenes footage.

What do you think will the sci-fi community really love about this series? How will it be different from everything else we’ve seen?

Well, aside from Red Dwarf I can’t really think of any sci-fi sitcoms. I really hope they embrace it. Also I find the premise of an entire ship being run off of holographic interfaces really interesting. I mean, this is the future. We don’t have buttons anymore, we have all these touchscreens. So why not have a ship with holographic interfaces?

Thank you so much, Stephanie, and good luck. Any last words to our readers or if someone is interested in helping with the project, how can they get in touch?

You’re welcome so much. And thank you. I really hope people can donate. I know that times are tough so the minimum donation is only $1. And if they can’t do that, just spreading the word like retweeting or emailing friends, it would be super helpful. If people want to stay in touch they can always message me on my FB fanpage. Thanks so much everybody!!

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