GEEK TRADITIONS: Wine, San Francisco, and ‘True Blood’

I love accidental traditions. You and your friends, just out of mutual convenience, wind up meeting on the same day each week to hang out and then the next thing you know those meetings turn into “Taco Tuesday” or “Vodka Thursday”. They start off casual and then blossom into something fun with a special ritual.

Back when I used to live in San Francisco my girlfriends and I would always meet up Sunday nights to watch “True Blood”. We would take turns cooking and then drink red wine while watching the show. Ever since I moved back to Southern California, I’ve always made sure to visit my friends back in the bay. The first time I did it was out of sheer coincidence that I visited when the “True Blood” season premiere aired. Naturally, we bought a copious amount of wine, cooked, and watched it all together. It was as if no time had passed at all.

True Blood Poster

The next year I visited the same thing happened. I had accidentally planned my visit when “True Blood” premiered. What a wonderful coincidence! As expected, there was lots of wine. After that a tradition was born. Come the season premiere of “True Blood” I drag my behind to San Francisco, stock up on the nectar of the gods, and we all imbibe while taking turns doing very awful Southern drawls and quoting the show.


My idol, the delicious diva Pam.

 This has become one of my favorite traditions. It’s better than Christmas because this tradition involves wine, gratuitous sex, and Southern accents. What makes it even greater is the fact that it started off as a total accident and now it’s something that my friends and I look forward to and plan every year.

In all honesty, we wind up having so much fun catching up, getting tipsy, and doing bad impersonations that we wind up having to watch the episode twice because we barely pay attention the first time. We could be drinking wine and watching an episode of any other show, but the fact that it’s “True Blood” is what makes it so special. It’s a show we’ve watched together for years and I love that we have made a sense of occasion for it. It gives us something special to look forward to.

Season 6 trailer:

What are some of your favorite traditions, “geek” or otherwise? Comment below!

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Written by Gizzy B