Halloween is Coming!

It’s the end of August and you know what that means?  It’s time to start getting ready for Halloween!


Halloween is without a doubt my favorite holiday and always has been. My poor mom thought she was going to have a kid that craved a Norman Rockwell style Christmas with sugar plum fairies, fake snow, and wholesome carols. Instead she got a kid with an obsession with the macabre, dressing up as ghoulish creatures, and a penchant for gutting and carving scary faces into any fruit or squash she got near. Yes, pumpkins are a fruit. Now I love Halloween more than ever and the only thing more fun than that holiday is getting prepared for it.

By extension this also means that I love the month of October because these days, thank Cthulhu, the entire month is now practically dedicated to this holiday. Different TV channels have month long horror movie marathons, theme parks transform at night to become large terrifying real life haunted lands, and now independent establishments are popping up with their own versions of haunted houses. The way this all makes me feel is what I imagine Christmas must feel like for normal people. It’s truly magical.


So how does one start go get pumped up for Halloween so early, you ask? Well, grab a dusty seat and let your creepy Auntie Giselle tell you.

Stores are already starting to sell Halloween decorations, and I’ll let you all know that I am now the proud owner of a purple glittery pumpkin and two glittery orange skulls. How the hell can I resist those?  The color scheme alone practically shrieks my name. As it gets closer to Halloween more badass decorations will pop up which means my collection that has grown over the years will become even more bountiful.

Another one is pumpkin flavored anything. I love pumpkins and I especially love their flavor. This is the enchanting time of year when coffee chains start selling pumpkin flavored drinks which are by far the most scrumptious (peppermint mocha can suck it) and pumpkin flavored pastries. It’s almost ridiculous how big of a deal it is to me that pumpkin flavored drinks are coming, like this would be more important to me than my future children’s birthdays. Think about it, these drinks are so amazing that I don’t even care that they’re non-alcoholic. Yeah. Even now, sitting creepily in my room, I can imagine the taste of a Pumpkin Spice Latté and even in imaginary form it tastes like cobwebbed victory. Sigh.

Best. Drink. Ever.
Best. Drink. Ever.

Another way is I have started is by watching some of my favorite scary movies that I specifically associate with the holiday. One of those movies is Scream. I love that franchise and it’s one of the few slasher movies I genuinely enjoy. I didn’t see that movie when it was in theaters, I was only eight years old when it came out, but I remember finally renting it when I was old enough and watching it for the first time during October. Obviously, I loved it. It’s scary, sexy, hilarious, and atmospheric. More than anything it pokes fun at itself which is so important since these days horror films can be so derivative. Whenever I see Drew Barrymore in that adorable blond bob answering that phone, I am ready for the fall, baby.

I’ve also started to re-watch the first season of American Horror Story. To me it is a nearly perfect show and one of the few that I can watch over and over again. I think one of the reasons why I love it so much and why it helps to get me pumped up for October is because the first season takes place in Los Angeles. I grew up in North Orange County, so Los Angeles is only a stone’s throw away from me. The show perfectly captures the atmosphere and the vibe of Southern California during the fall while also incorporating Hollywood lore like the Black Dahlia. For a local and a horror fanatic, it’s almost as if the show were made just for me.

And of course I’ve already started contemplating potential Halloween costumes. Frankly I’ve started a little late this year because I usually start planning sometime in July, but better late than never. I still haven’t quite made up my mind yet, but sometimes it will hit me like a brick wall when I’ve finally figured out my costume. This is the one day of the year you can be anyone you like, so why waste it?

As the days shorten and hopefully as the weather cools I will be bursting with even more excitement. For those of you out there like me, let’s start to enjoy the countdown now. Let’s discuss which scary movies are the best, how we all wish we could live in the Haunted Mansion from Disneyland, and which music would be the spookiest to play while giving out candy because let’s face it: Halloween is the coolest freaking holiday ever.

So, those are the different ways I have started to get pumped up for Halloween. If you’re a Halloween Enthusiast like me, what are some of the ways you like to get excited? Share below!

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