Nerd Quilt

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I finally completed one of the longest standing projects in my WIP sewing closet. It’s a messy closet full of ‘That seems like a great idea! I will totally do that’ projects.

This one is rather near and dear to my heart because it’s full of memories! I don’t know about you, but I have a ton of nerdy t-shirts that I love. Funny sayings, cool logos, awesome art work, TONS of them. I am loathe to get rid of them once they are past the point of wearing in polite company (yes, I have some standards. They are not high, but they are there). But what to do with them?

I was inspired by the interwebs! I saw on a bunch of sewing blogs that people make t-shirt quilts out of sports tops and such. Pfft, sports tops. Nerd tops are way better! Thus, I began cutting up my shirts and stock piling them. Now that winter is rolling in quickly here in the UK, it seemed like a great time to make a quilt.

It was surprisingly easy. I cut them into rectangles, laid them out to get the most sensible shape and just sewed them together.

Nerd Quilt Layout photo 2013-09-08175026.jpg
I didn’t have enough floor space, so used my bed to layout the pieces.

There were a few pot holes, like all the pieces not making quite the perfect square when all together. I improvised with left over t-shirt bits to fill out the edges. I then sewed the t-shirt quilt to a polar fleece blanket I already had, and now I have a lovely, thick blanket for the chilly winter months.

One thing I do recommend is if you have a serger/overlocker, it will be your best friend. I hadn’t ever realized how many different types of knit fabric are used in t-shirts and having an overlocker to bind off the edges made life so much easier.

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