Robot Chicken, Season 6 Now on DVD/Blu-Ray

“More masturbation.”

That was part of the motto for Robot Chicken writers for Season 6 — and yes, there were tons of masturbation — and bodily fluids, disemboweled body parts and incredibly inappropriate jokes. If you’re not laughing at Robot Chicken’s antics then you’re probably dead inside. . . or your sense of humor is just boring and barely exists! As most of you know, the show is the brainchild of Seth Green and airs on Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network. The premise of the show is stop motion animation with the toys most of us are familiar with and making them do things we all did when our parents weren’t looking.

The season 6 DVD has two discs full of these quick, animated shorts and tons of extras. I recommend watching the featurettes which shows not only the process of the show but the different actors who they’ve managed to lure into recording voices, such as Stan Lee, Christopher Lloyd, Evan Rachel Wood, Zachary Levi, Olivia Wilde and Rachel Leigh Cook. My favorite featurette was ‘Our First Ladies’ which introduces the first two female writers of the show, Rachel Bloom and Jassica Gao. The ladies are fun to watch, especially Jessica, who admitted that she can drive Seth Green so crazy that he had walked out the writer’s room in frustration (but he later apologized for being on his man period to her). Love to see two funny girls busting balls in a male dominated writer’s room and making the dudes squirm just a little bit. It’s about time the world realizes and accepts that us girls can be just as crude (or even more so) than the boys!

Other extras includes deleted channel flips, outtakes and commentary on each episode. This season is jam packed with very memorable episodes and jokes that would make you feel bad for laughing out loud at them. My favorites are the Alive in the Chipmunk groupies skit, Pinky and the Brain on PCP and Ryu’s (Street Fighter) packet.

Robot Chicken continues to be an amazing and fun commentary on pop culture and I think they really are getting way more creative — in that super creepy way with poop — with the use of toys as each season progresses. The DVD and Blu-ray hits the streets on Tuesday, October 8, 2013 — make sure to pick it up!

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