Announcement: We Are Officially Co-Hosting Super Geeked Up!


Starting next week, Gizzy B and the Space Pirate Queen will officially be co-hosting Super Geeked Up with the creator/cast/crew of the successful web series, Super Knocked Up!

If you follow our internet shenanigans, you know that we have been a regular guest co-host on the weekly web show about twice a month these past couple of months. The next live show on October 23rd at 8PM PST will be our first episode as the super-duper-official co-hosts of the show with creator, Jeff Burns. He thought it was a good idea to ask us to be on every week from now on. Shh, don’t let him know otherwise. . .  ;)

We are joined by the Super Knocked Up cast and crew, namely the always hilarious and Dean Cain look-a-like, Mark Pezzula (Captain Amazing)– plus an amazing line up of weekly guests from actors, artists and other creators within the web world and geek community.

Please tune in every Wednesday at 8PM to watch us live on Google Hangout/YouTube! Subscribe to the Super Knocked Up youtube channel and follow @SuperKnockedUp on Twitter for updates. We interact with our audience live and take question suggestions for the show. Click here to see all the SGU episodes so far.

We hope to see Defective Geeks followers crossing over because we’d love to hear from you during the live shows!

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