Hey, TV, You’re Awesome This Season


Technically, I don’t watch television since I have been watching everything online now. I still don’t know if I should feel bad about that or not, but I do things during the night and-and-and– it’s super hard to follow TV schedules, you guys. If you’ve been listening to our podcast, you know which shows I am big on this season but if not, I decided to write this blog for you and explain in Space Pirate Queen terms why I think these shows are awesome. Get ready.

Sleepy Hollow

When I saw the commercials for this show, I had assumed it was going to be ridiculous and maybeeee a little dumb. I know we always talk about not judging so quickly and giving things a chance (blahyadeeyadah) but some times I can’t help but have an allergic reaction when I feel like a network is trying to sexy-fy things.

Yes, that’s right. I just made up a word. Sexy-Fy.

I am so glad I gave this series a chance and that it was a lot better than I ever imagined it could be. I love the creepiness factor of the show with its different monsters besides the Headless Horseman. I love that it’s a little bit brutal. I love that despite the darker plot there is still light interaction and banter between characters. Especially since Ichabod Crane is written as an adorkable professor trope with tons of derp factor to fangirl-coo about.

I love that Abbie is not your typical female lead and that she represents a minority without her race having to define her. The audience should be able to see beyond the color of her skin because she is a strong, female character who does not fall flat next to a cast that is still male in majority.

Not that I have a problem with John Cho being on the show and… ORLANDO JONES! So glad that guy is back on my screen!

This is a great show for fans of fantasy and paranormal genre. I actually would recommend this to anyone who also loves Supernatural.


Speaking of, yes, I am still watching Supernatural. I am really enjoying this season so far, more so than the last couple of seasons. The episode called ‘Slumber Party’ won me over because A) FELICIA DAY RETURNS AND CHARLIE IS SO CUTE FOREVER and B) Dorothy is the new female Indiana Jones.


Let’s face it, if you’re a brunette and a femalel on Supernatural, more than likely you are either just a throw away wife/girlfriend/sex thing, etc. or you die a horrible death. Not bad-ass Dorothy of Wizard of Oz though. Nope. She is intelligent and kicks tons of butts (well, a witch’s butt. . . but it’s a really creepy rendition of the Wicked Witch!) and she survives.

I also think her and Charlie are going to live happily every after in Oz and adopt munchkin children together.

Seriously, if you’re a wayward SPN fan, this is a great season to jump back in. The relationship between Sam and Dean (yes, there are secrets but when did they never hide things from each other?!) is back to being complicated but adorable with lots of fun moments. Castiel did get a little stranger though but what can you do.

The Originals

A spin-off of The Vampire Diaries where Elijah is a much more prominent character? Stop me now.


The moment Elijah showed up in TVD I was madly and deeply in love — his well-fitted suits, the way he looked at people and didn’t treat them entirely like they’re just food, his loyalty for his family and his well-mannered way of speaking. I think I just found my perfect vampire.

The Originals started pretty weak but it did get a lot better as the show went on My only complaint is that the female characters of the show seem to be getting the short end of the stick in the writer’s room. Besides Rebecca, the rest of the women are one-dimensional and hard to relate to. I don’t find myself really caring for any of them like I do for the TVD girls and it bothers me a bit. I also still really don’t like the witches in this show.

Still, Marcel is a great additional character to add to the Originals’ history and the handsome Todd Stashwick has had a recurring role as Father Kieran these past three episodes. Loving it!

Other Shows!

Teen Titans Go is so cute. So funny. Robin is the biggest dork and I love it so.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. hasn’t captured my imagination as much and I am behind a couple of episodes. I have enjoyed watching it though and I have a feeling it will definitely get better as it goes on. Hopefully, the success of Marvel movies will give it enough fuel so that the network won’t pull it.

Once Upon A Time is pretty strong this season and I actually enjoyed their version of The Little Mermaid better than the original Disney animated movie. This is an Ariel I can relate to. Also, MULAN! That’s all I’m saying to avoid any spoilers.

Witches of East End is a little ridiculous but I can’t help but find it fun to watch. I also recently found out the show is based on a book and I feel less guilty about liking this show. Does that even make sense? Oh well. . .

The Vampire Diaries doesn’t need much explanation and if you’re already biased against it, I can’t convince you to watch it. But I will say it over and over, this show is surprisingly amazing and not at all Twilight-y. I promise. Just trust me already — I’m talking to you boys too. Let’s get some TVD fanboys all up in here.

Beware the Batman is a great Batman animated series and uses 3D animation quite well. The storyline is very solid and the episodes can get pretty dark. It’s a younger Batman with a younger and more active Alfred which is a cool take on the character.

Shows I Wished I Had Time To Watch: American Horror Story: Coven, Arrow, Reign, Tomorrow People, Dracula, Legend of Korra and a lot more . . . I need more time allotted to television this season.

What are YOU guys watching this season?!


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