Birmingham Comic Con 2013

This weekend I went to Birmingham Comic Con. It was my first time attending, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was attending with my friend JoJo from CheekyGeekyGoodness who was running a stall to sell her fab geeky waistcoats and bags.


As I’ve only been to San Diego Comic Con and Anime Expo, a lot of judgements come from those past experiences. It was a small con, by those standards, consisting only of a merchandise hall. There weren’t any panels to attend or big gatherings or evening events.


However, there were lots of fabulous cosplayers and a lot of great stalls, mostly focused on selling retro/vintage toys. There was also autograph signings, mostly of UK stars, and some entertainments throughout the day, like Robot Wars! YAY Robots attacking each other.

Everyone was really friendly and excited to be there. It was a shame it wasn’t a slightly larger event, as I don’t think it’d be worth attending both days. It could also do with more variety of merchandise stalls. It felt a little bit like a swap meet at times, with all the old stuff and nothing really new.

However, if you are a cosplayer or a fan of seeing cosplay, this was a great place to come. There were some fabulous costumes on display. 501st UK Garrison made an appearance, there were a lot of Doctors roaming the halls, and some more obscure faces showing up throughout the day. Take a peek after the break to see more!








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