Reasons To Watch ‘The Wolverine’


Do I really need to give you reasons to why you should watch The Wolverine? First of all, it’s the Wolverine. Second of all, it’s Hugh Jackman as the Wolverine. I can’t imagine you’ll need more reasons than that! The Wolverine’s plot is set some time after the events of X-Men: The Last Stand, and Logan is in hiding and ridden with guilt for having been forced to kill Jean Grey. An old acquaintance from Japan seeks him out, forcing him out of his isolation and the Wolverine finds himself playing the ‘hero’ again despite his best efforts to live a quieter life.

Top Reasons to Watch The Wolverine…

1) You can watch two Japanese women give him a bath. That’s right, ladies! Wolverine gets in his birthday suit inside a little traditional Japanese tub and gets painfully scrubbed down by two older women. You do get to see his butt partially and we all know Hugh Jackman has been hitting the gym for the role, so those glutes are hard to miss!

2) Wolverine tells people to Go-Fuck-Themselves. I don’t remember much F-bombs in the first X-Men movies to be honest. We first heard him drop the F-bomb in X-Men: First Class during his very brief cameo in the film. In this darker film, he embraces it with gusto — but of course, used it only when it was very appropriate! For some reason, I got excited and felt slightly scandaled at the same time at hearing him curse!

3) Yukio is kind of like Jubilee. Except her mutant abilities are different (she has the power of foresight) but what is it about Wolverine that forces him to play an awkward father figure to young girls? Yukio stands her own ground though and it’s cool to see an Asian woman kick some butt in a big budget superhero film.

4) Wolverine fights a bunch of ninjas. The action sequences in this movie is pretty insane and a lot of fun to watch! The entire movie is set in Japan so of course, he had to fight a bajillion ninjas all at once. Sometimes the ninjas were in motorcycles which could prove problematic. Does Wolverine win? Well, you’ll just have to watch the movie if you haven’t already.

5) Wolverine checks into a Love Hotel. The culture of Love Hotels in Japan is pretty famous — hotels meant for “couples” and it can be rented by the hour. Why does he check into a Love Hotel and which room theme did he choose? Like I said, you’ll have to watch the movie to find out…

6) This movie is dark and doesn’t hold back. The Wolverine has a very different tone and voice from the other X-Men movies. Logan is suffering mentally and emotionally after having to kill the woman he loves. This movie is full of betrayal but also people dying out of loyalty. It set itself apart and focused mostly on healing Logan from his own self-inflicted exile and rediscovers the meaning of becoming a hero once again.


The Wolverine is now available on Digital HD for download and the 4 Disc Unleashed Extended Edition Blu-ray and 2 Disc Blu-ray on December 3. Just in time for the Holidays, grab your copy when it drops!

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