Fresh Brewed Tee’s Shirts Are Full of Awesome

Hello there my lovely little nerdlings!

So I don’t often gush about clothing, but I have to make an exception for the shirts done by Fresh Brewed Tee. Not only are the shirts comfy, but the designs are clever, attractive, and speak to anyone with a nerdy bone in their body.


I am a very happy owner of the shirt with the design above. How does he get those wonderful toys? ;)

What’s excellent about Fresh Brewed Tee is that their designs are unique. They combine fandoms, like The Little Mermaid and Doctor Who, or have shirts that are a more subtle way of showing tribute to a fandom, like having a shirt for Off World Colonies (Blade Runner, anyone?). Some particular favorites of mine are the ones of Doctor Who’s companions.

It’s always nice to find a new and creative way of expressing your fandom and Fresh Brewed Tee definitely facilitates that. My only advice is that if you see a design you like, get it quickly! They tend to sell out ;)

To get a discount on your order use the code FBTDEFECTIVEGEEKS1.

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