Thank you and See you in 2014!


The clock is ticking and we are a few hours away from 2014 — at least, on this side of the world. For those who already celebrated the New Year, we will join you in the future soon! 2013 was a fun year here at Defective Geeks and we would like to thank all of our fans, readers, viewers and friends for making it all possible. We love our little niche here in the world wide web and we hope that in the next year, we will have much more content for all of you to enjoy.

Here are the highlights for DG this past year. Kind of like Facebook’s “Year in Review”… except, better. ;)

January:  Gizzy B participated in her first Chris Gore’s PodCrash ‘Smackdown’ at the iO West and debut her Princess Leia costume.  Meanwhile, we attempted to launch our first live show.

February: Zombie Night happened at the iO West and Gizzy B and I were both on stage with Chris Gore. I lost the game because I said I wanted to bring a copy of Warm Bodies with me on a deserted island. I guess no one respects a movie about a zombie love story. . . We also went to The One Expected Party hosted by, where we got to see Dominic Monaghan and Billy Boyd in person for the hundredth time, rekindling our Hobbit-Stalking-Ways.

March: Scarlettburn joins the blog and we went to Wondercon at the Anaheim Convention Center. Gizzy B and I produced a video all by our silly-selves: The Hipster Hobbit.

We also launched Fangirl Conversations. We were productive.

April: We did a vampire-centric podcast at the Alex’s Bar in Long Beach, which is the original film site for Fangtasia in True Blood. I went to Cosplay-Con at Frank and Sons for the first time, then Gizzy B and I went to Paris together!

May: Wicked Phoenix and Scarlettburn joins me at Free Comic Book Day at The Comic Bug and Gizzy B interviews Treanna Keating from SyFy’s Defiance.

June: We lined up for the midnight show for Man of Steel . . . and recorded a podcast while we were in line.

July: COMIC-CON! COMIC-CON! COMIC-CON! So far, we haven’t missed a year. We co-hosted a mixer which turned out to be a lot of fun, met Power Rangers, did a lot of drinking and I dry humped Henry Cavill on a boat. ‘Nuff said.


August: We attended the first annual Geekie Awards, launched the summer edition of Fangirl Conversations, participated in our first ever Super Geeked Up episode and had a long recovery from Comic-Con ahead of us.

September: This was a quiet month but we did have an amazing guest on our podcast, Markeia McCarthy, who is an inspiring actress and comedian.

October: HALLOWEEN! Gizzy B and I tend to go a little crazy during this month but going to The Purge: Fear the Night was one of the most extreme thing we’ve ever done. We also officially started co-hosting Super Geeked Up. Crazyloststar joins the madness and started blogging for us as well.

November: We went to the third annual Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo! Meanwhile on the other side of the planet, Pilbeam attends her first ever convention (in England) in Birmingham. I also dropped by the Long Beach Horror & Comic-con.

December: We wrap up the year quietly but we ended the podcast on its 153rd episode! We hit the 150 episodes milestone on Fortune Cookie’s birthday and ended the season with most of the girls on the blog. So far, the vote goes towards continuing the weekly podcast for another 150 episodes.


Whew. I almost forgot half the things we accomplished this past year — and just like at the beginning of 2013, I am pushing Defective Geeks to reach another level of awesome. Time to crack the whip. We are going to bring more content for you, our fellow geeks — and we will have an amazing 2014 together. Thank YOU so much for sticking around and supporting us in all the ways you can. We look forward to fangirling and entertaining all of you for another year. I hope you will all be safe and happy when this new year kicks off! In the words of the 10th Doctor — allons-y!

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