Fanart Glee: Tauriel and Kili


Hobbit Denial Pyramid by skart2005 on deviantART

Now, I know this is a controversial topic and most of all, a very controversial pairing (though most people seem to accept the Gimli and Legolas shipping a lot more) but I loved Tauriel in The Hobbit and I loved that Kili had a huge crush on her.

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Let’s face it. As much as we love the original book, The Hobbit was a bro show. Which is fine for the book and nothing will ever change or re-write that classic piece of literature but in my growing adult years, I find that accepting the fluidity of media makes my life that much easier.

So goddammit, I fucking love the entire Tauriel x Kili movement. I tumblr that shit on my lunch breaks everyday. I think it’s perfectly acceptable for a filmmaker to insert a strong female character into the bro-dwarves-show as long as it’s done with respect. It’s a cool way to attract a whole new audience and inspire our gender a bit. Plus, Legolas’ expressions were just super entertaining. I’m going to stop my rambling and let the fanart speak for itself because there are tons of awesome ones out there now.

tumblr_mz7bn2ZJum1sk09i3o1_400By drawblog on Tumblr.


by septemberepisode on Tumblr.


by Spader7 on Tumblr.


by mformadness at Deviantart.


by skyneverthelimit on Tumblr.

I understand haters are gonna hate, but come on — this is just a super cute pairing!

Who is your favorite pairing right now?

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