A Company Man and Weiss Kreuz: I Love Assassins

a company man

A Company Man is a South Korean action-thriller film about a hitman, Ji Hyeong-Do, who clocks in at a seemingly normal looking office every day wearing a typical suit and tie. The company he works for is in fact full of trained assassins pretending to file and photocopy papers at their cubicles while quietly taking on hit jobs from their rich clients. This movie was well-made and the action sequences were amazing to watch. Funny enough, the biggest feeling I got while watching this movie was nostalgia. Weird, right?

I’ll explain.

Back in my biggest anime fangirl years, I absolutely loved a little show called Weiß Kreuz and the premise of the show is basically about four pretty boys who run a flower shop during the day but they are actually assassins by night.


I mean, look at that 90s anime pretty-ness.

My favorite character is Aya Fujimiya, the red head (you can probably dig up some super old cosplay photos of me as him too) because I have a soft spot for the “stoic” pretty boys with a heart of gold archetype. Ji Hyeong-Do and Aya Fujimiya are practically the same characters and I love them both for it. In A Company Man, Ji is at first portrayed as a cold-hearted killer who was loyal to the company. For him, it was just a job, until he found himself getting close to a woman and her family. We learn that he tends to show mercy most of the time unless forced into the situation. Aya’s main purpose in life is to find the people who put his sister in a coma and exact revenge but he never smiles, didn’t ask questions and only did his job.


Ji didn’t say much and frustrated people by giving short and apathetic replies to their questions. Aya, despite selling flowers to squealing girls on a daily basis, acted like he didn’t even see that they were all madly in-love with him. Ji didn’t react much to anything even when his annoying ‘manager’ tried to insult him. Aya doesn’t react much to his fellow flower-shop-assassins teasing either.


Both have a soft spot for a random woman that suddenly came into their lives. Well, Ji more so than Aya. Aya was very focused on his sister and only liked that one chick because she kinda looked like his sister. Don’t ask, it will take me too long to explain the ‘plot’ for this anime. Both never really showed much physical affection for their love(???) interests but they will kick the shit out of people who will try to hurt them.

I can also talk about my favorite Gundam pilot, Heero Yuy, but that’s kind of a given right? See how they all have that same brooding expression? Killing people isn’t an easy thing to shoulder on in life, I suppose. But you know they are just full of marshmallow a-waiting to be love squished though!


Do you have a favorite assassin or what kind of assassin-types do you enjoy most?


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