Best of Fandom Valentines for 2014

Brace Yourselves, Valentine’s Day Cards are coming.

Okay, so the fandoms over on Tumblr have already begun rolling out some pretty hilarious Valentines.  No, really if these were really available they’d put Hallmark out of business. Here is a selection of the most interesting ones being reblogged from the cute feel inducing ones to the down right wrong! (But hilarious)

Hunger Games

(Source: primgoesboom)


(Source: spn-family)

Doctor Who

(Source: with-our-teenage-rage)

Mean Girls

(Source: byeceps)

Harry Potter

(Source: i-am-the-real-lime-payne)

Walking Dead

(Source: walkingwiththerapods)


(Source: twodayslaterthatgirltumbled)

Bob’s Burgers

(Source: dogswithclogsblog)

Welcome to Nightvale

(Source: fiftyyearsinthetardis)

Loki’s Army

(Source: nicodiangls)

Horror Fandom

(Source: bagfeetmgoo)


so heartwarming

(Source: sherandjohn)

Once Upon A Time

(Source: madame-regina)

Star Trek

why have i done this

(Source: nixpunk)

Tolkien Fandom

(Source: louhser)


(Source: l810tsai)

Pacific Rim


Bill Nye

i actually made one wowowow

(Source: unitedsheerios)

Game of Thrones

(Source: rainybaptasto)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

(Source: larpandtherealgirl)

Star Wars

(Source: ginnypotter)

*Posts were researched as best as possible to find the right sources,  all link to someone who either posted the Valentine or the creator. These are but a mere selection of the Tumblr talent’s creations. For more Valentine’s fun search under your fandom’s #tag  and Valentines.

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