Happy Free Comic Book Day! (A day late)

We hope you all had a lovely Free Comic Book Day yesterday!

Usually, my trips to the comic store involve me quietly staring at books with way-too-much-intensity, trying to best decide how to spend my money, but it’s always a nice change of pace to have a fun free-for-all event there! Saturday, there were tons of new and old fans swarming about to grab their free issues while enjoying nerd comradeship and fun little extras provided by the store.

I headed out to Dreamworld Comics to grab my free books for the year, and it was abuzz with sounds of nerdy joy.

What a turnout. Even tiny Batman came by to say hi!

Dreamworld recently moved locations to this renovated garage spot. It has a lofty interior, and you can also rent it out for birthday parties and events! I think I know what I’m doing for my birthday next year…

Another exterior shot of the store. Such cute chibi art!


Inside, there’s plenty of memorabilia to keep you occupied for hours.




Out back, they had a pop up tent with friendly staffers handing out bags to customers. Every customer gets 4 comics, but are able to come back the next day to get more if they like!





 There was also lots of fun for the whole family outside. Check out the creepy spider bounce house!!!


Royce’s Arcade (roycesarcade.com) had a pop up tent full of arcade machines out back for adults and children alike to play. Check out the cutie riding the scooter in matching colors with her clothes!


There was also SushiLips food truck to grab a bite and sit down on the outside benches and chill. This place is awesome! We just love all the decor they placed around the building, too..

It’s okay to mix universes sometimes, guys.IMG_20140503_133217



We hope you were able to grab your comics yesterday! If not, there’s always next year. Free Comic Book Day is hosted every year on the first Saturday in May.

Oh, and because it’s the fourth of May, we must say… MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU.

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