“Gotham Bunnies” Cosplay Brings Arkham Villains to Life

Who doesn’t love a little Gotham villainy in their day? YumeNinja and Chubby Bunny (newest faces at Defective Geeks!) are a part of this awesomely evil round up of Batman’s foes in this Playboy Bunny-themed cosplay photoshoot! The same team that was behind the  Sailor Moon Biker Gang Cosplay has brought together yet another all-star group of cosplayers for Gotham Bunnies, inspired by the art of Milkydayy (Oskar Vega) and photographed again by Greg DeStefano.



More pics and credits below!

Gotham Bunnies / Arkham Bunnies
Inspired by the artwork of MilkyDayy (Oskar Vega)
Photography by Greg De Stefano

Joker – YumeNinja
Poison Ivy – Mandie
Mrs. Freeze – Michelle “Chubby Bunny” Nguyen
Penguin – Selina
Harley Quinn – Sarah “Jynx”
Catwoman – Chloe Dykstra
Riddler – Ruby Rocket
Two Face – Chrissa Sparkles
Scarecrow – Jenny
Batman – Greg De Stefano

*special thanks to Erin Nakashima, MUA for Two Face

VIDEO: Behind The Scenes of Gotham Bunnies

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