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(Psst. That’s binary for “1999” in case you were wondering)

Every year, E3 comes and goes, and those of us who love video games, pray to the game gods that we can get in to the damn thing one day. However, for all those aspiring to rub elbows with the top game developers, there is still that glimmer of hope we like to call… ALL THE E3 PARTIES.

There are. SO. MANY. E3. PARTIES. Every year! And a TON of them are open to the public! We checked out a few shindigs on day 1 and 2 of E3 so we thought we would share the wealth with you all…

Tuesday, June 12, we were able to attend the super-hyped Twitch / Bootie mashup party at Exchange LA thanks to some VIP networking from our friend Jenny. Bootie LA is a super fun mash up music night at the Echoplex, that teamed up with Twitch this year to throw one of the fanciest parties of the year. The venue was rad,  the red velvet roped VIP areas were luxurious, and the booze was flowing. There was even flying confetti and dancers trailing out of the ceiling at the end of the night!

Ye olde wristband



Early in the night before the floor got packed.


Selfie central on the VIP balcony with DG team members Chubby Bunny and YumeNinja.


We… clearly shouldn’t be allowed here. Those guys behind u even know what they’re missing!



Quite the impressive setup! (Photo by @theartcruz on Instagram)


Yesterday, June 11th, a little hungover and droopy eyed, we popped around to some of the other outside events E3 had to offer.

Right outside of the convention center, NVIDIA set up a huge tent with games, contests, and FREE FOOD AND BOOZE, mainly promoting TITANFALL. Without a badge, I was able to get in and get a wristband that had two drink tickets and a food ticket! So fancy, NVIDIA!



Obligatory selfies. Chubby Bunny (right) posing with Rowena, a kickass game tester friend from San Diego.


Afterwards, our journey continued to the Women In Gaming International‘s annual bash at the Belasco Theater down the street. Once again, no badge required for entry, and the line to get in wasn’t even crazy or anything! Madness!

The night was themed “WIGI WONDERLAND”, and had tons of Tim burton-esque Alice in Wonderland inspired artwork and massive puppetry to entertain fans. We were even given 3D glasses to pop on and see the art pop out!

Illusion boxes were set up in the lobby, showing surreal 3D art!



Pardon our blurry cell phone photos…


Creepy puppets galor!




It got pretty crowded around midnight, and us crotchety old ladies had to roll out. Tonight there’s another barrage of parties, so if you’re feeling frisky, check out this list of events that you could get into!



This is Chubby Bunny, signing out.


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