BECOME THE PARTY WOLF: SDCC2014 List of Where to Get Crunk Like a Nerd Rock Star

There are three types of San Diego Comic Con attendees:

1. Pokemon Masters:  “I GOTTA CATCH ALL OF THE RARE POKEYMANS/LIMITED GOODS/ COLLECTIBLE ITEMS!!” You’ll see these fine folk lined up in the convention hall awaiting their preciousssss. They probably don’t talk in ALL CAPS but.. they’re THINKING IN ALL CAPS.

2. Die Hards (aka Bruce Willys): “I must attend all pertinent panels, meetings signings, and appearances of the show/series/comic/subculture that I am into. Otherwise, I CANNOT CALL MYSELF A TRUE FAN.”

3. Party Wolves: “Where. Da. Party. At.” Yeah, we sort of care about the other stuff, but mostly we wanna party with our nerdy selves.

Although we here at Defective Geeks are an equal mix of all of these types of nerdy personas, this post will focus on the most obscure of the three… LOS PARTY LOBOS EXTREMOS.

Comic Con is all about fandoms, but it’s also about getting to party with your best nerd pals, and hopefully scoring some free refreshment all while rubbing elbows with celebrities from the series/title/films/books you love. While the list below certainly isn’t comprehensive, it’s definitely refined down to the ones you can actually expect to get into with a wee bit of effort! Remember to pace yourselves, party animals. Thursday has the most parties, and Saturday the least, which means the chances of you maxing out and tossing cookies before the week really gets started are high! BEWARE THE PARTY FOUL. Party responsibly, and bring water with you EVERYWHERE.

And if you wanna know where WE are during the con, we will be all over social media shenanigans, party info, and embarrassing photos:



I'm super good at photoshop.
I’m super good at photoshop.

Party hardy list after the jump!


Day Zero: It’s preview night! There’s a handful of parties this night, but we find it’s best to hunker down with your out-of-town friends and powwow. You may not get a chance to see them again for the rest of the convention! Wednesday is a great chance to hit the bars before they get too whack-a-doo with crowds. Celeb spotting is great at main hotel bars, since those bros gotta hydrate somewhere, and the studios usually put them up in the closest/best spots:

Hard Rock Hotel: Tons of celebrities and studio execs stay here, and every night there’s a crazy hard-to-get-into VIP party during SDCC. Hang out at the bar to people watch. Those bitches gotta leave sometime, haha. (However, we did hear that last year, after 6pm, you are required to show a room key to enter the hotel. Not sure if this is a real thing though!)
Hilton Bayfront: Tons of the big studios have room blocks there, and the bars have wicked views. I spent most of SDCC2013 there, languishing over whisky in the bar, and met a lot of awesome friends.
Marriot Marquis: Tons to do in there in general, but the bar isn’t too shabby, and it’s a great place to hang out with your buds late night. Last year, a bunch of us found the Zelda Windwaker boat all by its lonesome (unguarded) in the lobby, so we took a bunch of drunken photos of us on it. MEMORIES FOR A LIFETIME, PEOPLE.


 Day 1! Hydrate, put on your game face, and make some time for the pool before heading out for the night. Party wolf central all over the place, I’m tellin’ ya. There are literally like, 20 parties this night, so we whittled it down to the fun ones that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, or your pride as a human being.

Hero Complex Party: 7 – 9:30PM at Hotel Salomar. Hero Complex, IMAX and the Hero Initiative are hosting a fancy mcfancepants  rooftop party with some giveaways, drinks and schmoozing! RSVP “tickets” are “sold out” (they were free, so I feel like tickets are not even a real thing) but there’s a standby line that I’m sure will be moving smoothly.  Look for Hero Complex signage at the 6th Street entrance to “JSix” at the Hotel Solamar for location of the stand-by line.  We’ll definitely be at this one for a bit!

Her Universe’s After Show & Party: 6-9pm at Harbor Ballroom, Manchester Grand Hyatt. Her Universe, Hot Topic, and Nerdist  present their “Geek Couture”  fashion competition. A few months ago they had open applications for designers to submit ideas, and the finalists will show off their looks at this event. Afterwards, there is a Hot Topic-sponsored party, so hang tight, drink in the fashion, then drink in some… drinks. Rock solid. A ton of our friends are entered into this competition and we wish them luck! You need a badge for this one, y’all!

Female Geek Bloggers Meetup: 7.30pm at McFaddens. Hosted by The Nerdie Girlie, this is a casual meetup for female bloggers and geeks, complete with a raffle for Think Geek and Black Milk Clothing gift cards. No cover, and cash bar. Facebook RSVP here.

BOOM! Studios’ 6th Year Anniversary Drink Up: 9pm – close at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront Odysea Bar. Celebrate with BOOM! team’s Ross Richie, Matt Gagnon, Chip Mosher, Wes Harris, Lance Kreiter, along with the rest of the BOOM! crew and various BOOM! creators in attendance.  No RSVP/tix needed. Cash Bar

Munky King Party: 9pm – close at BAR BASIC, 410 10th Ave. We LOVE our friends at Munky King <3 They always host a stellar party every year at Comic Con here, and this year is no different. Watch artists live paint, talk vinyl toys with the best of the best, and join in the fun. No RSVP/tix req. Cash Bar.

Geek & Sundry Community Party: 10pm – close at Jolt N’ Joes, 379 4th Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101 (J Street) presented by Logitech G, with special geeky cocktails themed around Blackmagic Design, Logitech G, Morganville Vampires, Dragon Age, and The Witcher. For real though, you can go into the Geek & Sundry space any time Thursday and Friday and relax, buy a beer, and play games. Check out their full list of events here! A great place to plug your phone and and take a disco nap because of all the dark corners. Don’t tell them we said that last part though.

Frodo Spins Some Beats: 9:30pm – close at club Bang Bang. Actor Elijah Wood, along with cohort  Zach Cowie, make up DJ team “Wooden Wisdom” and will be spinning into the heart of Mordor. Entrance is free before 10:30, but not guaranteed. You can also buy tickets for $10 to ensure entry: More Info. DON’T TEMPT ME FRODO.


You’re probably gonna wake up feeling a little sloshed. Get a big hearty breakfast, pound some coconut water, throw on your sunglasses, and get your day going. Sleep in this day if at all possible, cos tonight’s another wild ride into the heart of crunk-dom.

The Marked Men Party: 8pm on the STAR OF INDIA Pirate ship. 1492 North Harbor Drive. Ok, for real you guys HAVE TO CHECK OUT THIS PARTY. How often can you hang on a friggin PIRATE SHIP with actors dressed as Game of Thrones characters mixed with Pirates and a night full of entertainment? Tickets are still available, and will totally make your comic con experience spectacular. Party on a boat. Party Wolf says to make it so. Tickets here. presents Incognito: A Celebration of Cosplay with Adam Savage: 9PM-2AM at Sidebar, 536 Market St. Fans can view memorabilia from Savage’s adventures and more; drinks, music, cosplay and a big reveal. Oh, and Mythbusters’ Adam Savage will be there too. ::elbowrub:: 9 p.m.-2 a.m. No RSVP/tix req. Cash Bar.

Geek & Sundry Party of the Planeswalkers presented by Magic: The Gathering: 8:30pm at Jolt N’ Joes, 379 4th Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101 (J Street), with Spellslingers and mana-themed cocktails. What the what? Thank the heavens for Felicia Day. Info here!

ConQuest: Venture Bros Party: 9pm – close at the Hilton Bayfront Lobby Bar. Come join The Venture Brothers Blog for a chill Venture Bros fan party, with a costume contest, trivia, raffles, and tons of prizes from Adult Swim! No cover/RSVP needed, just a love for all things Team Venture! Facebook info here.



Real talk time. Are you even still alive? By now, your feet probably feel like they’re full of shards of glass, and your head feels like there’s a space station operating inside of it. TAKE HEART! Tis the last night! Usually, I’m pretty dead by Sat night, and do something chill like have a room party with friends. However… WITH GREAT PARTY WOLF POWER COMES GREAT PARTY WOLF RESPONSIBILITY.

Villains & Killers Party: 7-9pm at McFadden’s.  Hosted by cosplay team Birds of Play. Cosplayers, drinks, and fun, with a cosplay contest at 9PM. If you RSVP here, you can skip the cover charge and take advantage of the $3 drink specials! 

Digital LA Annual Comic Con Party: 7 – 9pm, location TBA. These peeps host a party every year at a “secret location,” but all you need to do to get in is RSVP at their Eventbrite page for free! So click this, nerds!


Are you kidding me? Go home, kids.

We hope you guys found this list helpful! Will we see any of you other party wolves at SDCC this year? You can find us face down in a salad on the Hard Rock Hotel premesis, or likely by the pool when we’re not busy running around getting footage and interviews from our favorite celebs and fans.  If you’re looking for the full list of parties that are super hard to get into, check the Hollywood Reporter.

See you at SDCC, DUDES!



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