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J-016 - CopyMax and Shred, a show about two boys. One is superstar snowboard and one is the neurotic superstar academic. An unlikely friendship? Always! But today, we spoke with the other important man on the show — Jean Michael Le Gal, who plays the household patriarch who wants to be young again. Read the interview below and don’t forget to catch Max and Shred on Nickelodeon or if you’re our pals in Canada, on YTV!

Tell us about Max and Shred and your character, Lloyd Ackerman. What makes Lloyd the coolest character on the show?

Well I don’t know about ‘coolest’, but what is cool about Lloyd is that he’s always eager to try anything. Like that friend who will always do a dare. Also, he’s a grown up kid, which is secretly what most adults want to be.

What is it like going from shows like Orphan Black and Flashpoint to a teen series? Was the element of fun attractive to you as an actor?

I love the contrast. Drama to comedy, theatre to film. In the end it’s really helpful because there is some comedy in drama and vice versa and the same goes for stage and screen, they complement each other. I have fun any day I’m working, but this show: the cast, the writing, the team are a hilarious!

Did you always know that you wanted to be an actor? What is the key to enjoying a career in acting in your opinion?

Since I was 10 I knew I liked making people laugh and I had a very active imagination. That naturally flowed into professional acting. I think the key to enjoying acting, like any art, is to do it for its own sake, to dig deeper and get better at it. And that is the reward. The money or fame is secondary. It’s all about heart.

We heard that you were into all sorts of outdoor activities, like archery! There are tons of characters in movies and television these days whose weapon of choice is the bow and arrow. Which one of them would you want to play? Hawkeye from the Avengers? Katniss from the Hunger Games?

Well, I will admit, I have always wanted to play Robin Hood. Ever since I can remember Robin Hood was my hero.

 What are other things you “geek” out over? 

The kid with the boomerang in Mad Max is also pretty cool. I recently tried to boomerang and almost took out a family, so I had to retire it.

 Lastly, if you could have any superpower, which one would it be and why?

Flying over a mountain lake, like really close to the water.

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