Geekmas Time Is Here!

Christmas season is upon us, and now more than ever there are many geek gifting options.

I’ve seeing the various geeky gifts lists pop up here and there, gifts for lady geeks, gifts for dude geeks, gifts for lazy geeks, and so on.

But lets be honest, tis the season of giving, and buying for our fellow geeky friends what we could never justify buying for ourselves. Not because we don’t love treating ourselves to well earned gifts, but because sometimes we feel a tad bit guilty buying those $20.00 geek themed cookie cutters when we should probably spend that money responsibly, like on booze or kitty litter.

I have compiled a list of 10 awesomely geeky gifts that we love, and would love to receive, though we might not necessarily buy for ourselves. However, we would have zero problems buying this for our friends or significant others (hint hint, significants!) I have also made this list completely absent of t-shirts and leggings, much as I love them, I think we can aim to be a little more creative than what we normally give our fellow geeks.

10. Virtually Vintage – 3D Geek Ornaments ($10.00/ea)



These 3D ornaments are rather gorgeous, and would be an amazing addition to any geek themed Christmas tree.

9. Design Toscano – Dragon Tyrant TP Holder ($38.99)


I love the idea that you could simply walk into any friend’s water closet and be greeted by this guy, holding toilet paper.
It is definitely the sort of item that I would love to have in my own bathroom, but my inner responsibility nerd would scold myself for spending $38.99 on a tp holder. However, I would not hesitate to buy this for any one of my fantasy loving friends, simply because it’s so hilarious.


8. ThinkGeek – Flux Capacitor Watch ($49.99)


We are living at a time where geeks born in the 80s are now full-time professionals. Every one of us has at least one friend who loves Back to the future, and guy or girl, I’m pretty sure they would dig this watch. I’m pretty guilty.


7. Yellow Bulldog – Street Fighter Christmas Sweater (34.99 / $55 approx.)


This sweater, is the geek sweater of Christmas magic. Not only is it Street Fighter themed, it is knitted. That’s right, it’s not screen printed. In fact, Yellow Bulldog also offers another geek themed knitted Christmas jumper which is Playstation themed. I totally appreciate the attention to classic Christmas sweaters, and the fact that they went above and beyond the current trend of subliminal prints. Stay classy.


6. ThinkGeek – Star Trek Retro Tech Purse ($49.99)


What can I say? I love the subtlety and the classic design of this bag. Other than the original series logo seen at the top, it has neat details that gives it’s geekiness away, and would totally fade to the background if you had no idea what the Star Trek insignia is. I also love that you can ask yourself, is it a purse? or a murse? It can be both!


5. Oppo Suits – Bat Guy Suit ($99)


From the creators of the Ugly Christmas Suits, comes the Bat Guy suit. I’m not opposed to buying this for a guy, but I also am a fan of ladies in suits, so I would never say no to receiving this as a present. Reminds one of the Batman Beyond animated series, doesn’t it?

Of course, you can also check out the rest of their amazingly hilarious suits. Sadly their Christmas suits are all sold out and are only available for 2015 pre-order now. But I do love the addition of the orange and powder blue suits a la Dumb and Dumber.


4. Robyn Haley – Sailor Moon Inner Senshi Shot Glasses ($125)


What did I say about booze earlier?

Well if you’re going to drink, or perhaps do shots (because you want to live dangerously for Christmas or New Year’s Eve) you might as well get hammered with these pretty hand painted babies.  If you really want to expand the collection, or you just really love shots, you can also get the outer senshi, complete with Luna and Artemis. And perhaps you are a geek who isn’t feeling so 21 any more, well fear not, artist Robyn Hayley also offers wine glasses. Pinky out ladies.


3. Nikki Rose – Iron Shoes (£110/$173approx.)





Sometimes when I see people post about Geek Fashion, I often find they forget about the small details like shoes. Shoes can make or break an outfit. And these shoes, these shoes will definitely make any outfit a winner.


2. Fairytas – Valkyrie Headdress ($191)


Not convinced? Let me say that again, Valkyrie Headdress.
Fairytas can really craft some really wonderful pieces. Don’t believe me? Check out her etsy sales, the woman has created dragon skull head pieces. Dragons.


1. Divamp – Wonder Woman’s Eagle Chest plate ($450)


Perhaps $450 is out of that friendship range, and into that “I really love you enough to get this for you” range. It is however, rather perfect. In fact any of the Divamp items are perfect if you’re into cyber armor, of which I am.


So what are you hoping to get for Christmas?  Did you find even more awesome stuff that we did? Let us know.

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