Comic Book Nostalgia: The Archie Reboot


In 2015, Archie will be “rebooted” with Mark Weid and one of my favorite artist, Fiona Staples to celebrate its 75th anniversary. When I came across this on my newsfeed on Twitter, my brain pretty much imploded. I grew up on Archie comics. For awhile, I really latched onto the world, going back and forth between Team Betty and Team Veronica and then deciding that everyone sucks except for Jughead. I must have absorbed plenty of life lessons from reading millions of Archie books.

So yes, I’m a bit excited to see the new look for the comic book and for this relaunch!

I mean — FIONA STAPLES! If you haven’t read the SAGA series and seen Staples’ beautiful work, then you are completely and absolutely missing out. I am drooling over her redesign of these iconic characters and can NOT wait to see more.

I have a lot of hope for the new Archie series as well, in terms of stories that will resonate with today’s times. They have already introduced gay characters, a disabled character and have started to explore more adult themed stories. Admittedly, with the exception of the “death of Archie” timeline, I haven’t read as much Archie since I was a wee child.

As I grew up, the appeal of the “love triangle” was lost on me, especially when I started exploring the role of women in media. I’ve always loved Betty and Veronica for different reasons, but I started rolling my eyes for their obsession with Archie, who really didn’t have that much merit as a person… let’s face it. My favorite stories was when Betty and Veronica would team up and forget about their rivalry for awhile. I thought the friendship between them was a lot more interesting.

But I am excited to see where Weid will take the Riverdale world. I want to see every character become a lot more well-rounded with Veronica kicking everyone’s ass (I lean towards more her these days) and Jughead becoming a whole lot more awesome (he already is).

For the official announcement, check out the Archie Comics website.

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