Wrapping It Up in 2014: Year in Review


Defective Geeks has survived (kind of, sort of?) another year of random geek shenanigans and once again, I wanted to highlight some of our accomplishments. This year was a bit more mellow than 2013 was but we got to experiment with bringing new content to the website with the help of friends. I would like to thank everyone who has stopped by to read a blog, watch a video or simply stumbled upon a photo on a post that they really liked (I see those tweets go out!).

For the people who have always supported us, especially those who remind us all the time that we are loved… THANK YOU!

Now let’s get on with our year in review.

January: We did a couple of test episodes — let’s call them, the “pilot episodes”– for our live show. Our first visual Fanfic Theatre was especially hilarious.

February: We collaborated with Bubble Punch for the first time and threw our first public Gal-entine’s Day for all our beloved geek girls in Los Angeles. The party turned out to be a TON of fun. We drank, exchanged presents and played a rowdy game of charades with amazing prizes. Check out the blog is you missed it!

Gal'entine's Day 2014

Gal'entine's Day 2014

Pilbeam started her amazing “Sandra Bullock Lessons” in which she watched Sandra Bullocks movies and shared the lessons that were learned from each one.

March: Gizzy B and I finally managed to get on Comics On Comics together, we love those guys so much. We were on an episode with Mark Sable and it was insanely cool to meet him. Listen to that episode if you missed it!

Comics on Comics with Mark Sable!

Gizzy B and I continued our Middle Earth tradition and went to the much smaller “One Dragon, One Party” during Oscar Night. Met Dean O’Gorman and totally fell in love with the fella. SO DREAMY, YOU GUYS. Check out who else we met and stalked for a photo over at the blog post. You can also listen to our epic fail that night on the podcast as well, episode 167 Selfies and Dwarves.

One Dragon, One Party

April: Chubby Bunny and Yume Ninja joined Defective Geeks in February, but we went to WonderCon together as an official Defective Geeks group for the first time! In which we played a game of convention bingo that will be remembered for all times (round 2 will come soon. Don’t worry.)

May: We did our first live show together with Chubby Bunny and Yume Ninja and officially introduced… Giseru-chan. I don’t want to explain this. You just need to watch it.

June: Gizzy B attended her first MYTH Masquerade Ball, check out her blog posts with photos. Meanwhile, Chubby Bunny partied it up for E3 — she might be our official party expert in the group, you guys — read about her adventures here. You also have to watch our Paper Cosplay showdown, which was all kinds of epic.

July: We hit up two major conventions this year. First, we did our Sailor Moon Cheerleader cosplay group for Anime Expo 2014, in which we were adorable if I do say so myself. The wonderful Jon of Ogeeku allowed us to crash his stage during the convention to do a live show. Giseru-chan made an appearance, of course. You can watch the video here.

Then, San Diego Comic-Con 2014 happened. Many things happened. I’m not quite sure how to summarize it all, so please check out our blog posts here. We partied and the PARTY TIGER was born, had a fake super-duper-exclusive party, conquered the Assassin’s Creed obstacle course, interviewed Nicole Perlman (!!!), stalked celebritos, went zip-lining through Gotham, ate a lot of free food and drinks… you get the idea.

SDCC 2014 Day 3

August: We wrapped up our Live Shows for the year as everyone started to wind down and then get really busy (IRL) after Comic-Con. We hope to bring the show back for a second season soon. Chubby Bunny hit up the 2nd annual Geekie Awards in Los Angeles.

September: We hit episode 200 of our podcast, another milestone in our ongoing quest to talk about everything we want to talk about each week! WHOO! Let’s see if we make it to 500 episodes… (Oh boy).

October: Comikaze Expo! Our favorite local convention! In which Gizzy B and I finally met Kevin Conroy who was AMAZINGAMAZINGAMAAZZIIINNG. Totally worth waiting in line for two hours.

Comikaze Expo 2014

Go to our YouTube channel to check out our new interviews with the people of Comikaze Expo!

November: Yume Ninja wins at Maid-of-Honor duties and threw Chubby Bunny a beautiful Austenland-themed bridal shower. You can check out all the photos at her blog post and be ready to get starry-eyed.


To go along with this Jane Austen theme we were having, Pilbeam finally made her way to the Jane Austen Bath Festival in England!

December: We had our first crossover episode with the guys at Comic Book Legends, which was a ton of fun to talk to them. The year wrapped up with Chubby Bunny walking down the altar and her dream wedding was realized with the help of friends and family. We are so happy for her! She wanted to show every nerd-at-heart out there that you can make it possible to have a “geek wedding” and have it be magical. I’m pretty sure you’ve all seen the photos and blog post, but if you missed this wonderful Sailor Moon inspired wedding, check it out now!

Michelle & Will's Moonlight Wedding: Sailor Moon inspired

Michelle & Will's Moonlight Wedding: Sailor Moon inspired

I know we are all so lucky to get to lead a life that follows our geeky, little hearts. Lucky to go to conventions, meet like-minded people. Lucky to be a part of a local community where everyone celebrates what is unique and strange about our love of all things comic books, cosplay, sci-fi, video games… you name it! For that, I think I can speak on behalf of our ladies that we are grateful and we want to keep sharing everything with all of you. We are here for YOU and we want to continue to encourage all of you to pursue what you are passionate about and embrace what makes you such a geek.

Until next year, geeks! Have a happy, safe New Year and VALHALLA!

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