LOVE MAKING! Love has new magical protectors!


Binan Kouko Chikyuu Bouei-Bu LOVE (Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE) or Boei-bu, kicked off the Winter Anime season this week on Crunchyroll, meeting a lot of expectations after releasing their funny teasers last Fall. The show delightfully plays on the mahou shoujo (magical girl) trope, giving nods to iconic shows like Sailor Moon, and the long running Pretty Cure.

The show centers around five Binan High School students, located in the fictional town of Binan, Japan. All of them, part of the Earth Defense Club (aka the Do-Nothing-Club). Until that is, they are forcibly recruited by an alien pink wombat to become the Battle Lovers, heirs to the Throne of Love.

Each member, adorns a coloured “Loveracelet” and posses a special power.

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Hilariously following the steps of mahou shoujo, the group must transform in amazingly dazzling sequences and defeat the evil Student Council (Conquest Club). The Conquest Club, has a green hedgehog.

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So far the show has lived up to fangirl hype and expectations. The comedic take on magical girls via beautiful boys, is entertaining enough that I would recommend it to any anime fan who enjoys the inversion of the mahou shoujo style.

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Boei-bu already has an online comic centering around the Conquest Club at Pony Comics, the light novel hit stores in Japan today (January 7th!), and otome game for iphone/android is scheduled for Feburary 2015. It will be Japanese only at this point, no word if they will release an English version.

To catch more of this show watch it simulcast, every Tuesday at 10:40AM on

What other anime are you anticipating this season?


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