Fangirl Travel: Nocking Point’s P-Town Wine Mixer 2015


“Will Travel to Fangirl”

In 2015, this has become my new mantra. When I found out that Stephen Amell, who plays Oliver Queen in Arrow, has a winery AND throws wine parties… I was more than a little excited. In a spur of the moment between flurries of text messages, Gizzy B and I decided that we were going to attend the Nocking Point wine mixer in Portland. It was a good excuse to travel, right? I’ve never been to Portland!


Our vacation was a lot of fun by itself but getting to meet-and-greet Stephen and his co-winer-ian (that’s not a word, I know), Andrew Harding was amazing. I’ve become a huge fan of Arrow last year, due to binge-watching it on Netflix and it’s really cool to see Stephen create something fun for his fans while raising money for good causes.

“Drink Wine, Fuck Cancer” is the motto!

As for the wine itself, it was pretty damn delicious! We got our fill of ‘tasters’ throughout the night while dancing to live music and being generally silly. There were items for auction and raffle during the party, so it was cool to see an entire fandom rally together and cheer each other on. This is why I love fandom.


Photo credits goes to ninjaphoto @ smugmug — check out all the photos from the party!

For those who are wondering, yes, Stephen and Andrew did hang out with their fans during the party. Since I am awkward sauce and have nothing to say, I pretty much left them alone. Especially since they were surrounded by people every time they were out and about. Totally worth the price of admission if you’re a fan and want to shake hands with them though.

We’ve pretty much already discussed attending the next Nocking Point party in LA, if there will be another one this year. The Green Arrow has found our weakness… CW Men and wine.


Check out Nocking Point at their website. I recommend the ‘Wicked Aim’ red wine.

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