Awesome (Awful) Sequels I’m Looking Forward To

As the title of our last podcast suggest and as I am sure most of you have noticed already — it is the Age of Sequels. Or reboots. Or re-hashing of movies from 20 years ago that Hollywood thinks they can make new cash with. Whatever you want to call it, it’s happening right now. The sad truth is that I am one of the enablers and that I am truly excited for these movies. I might be failing my peers in the creative community as a whole.

Independence Day 2


Independence Day is one of my favorite movies. I will fight with anyone’s beloved grandmother to the end that it is one of the most re-watchable films from the 90s. Next year in 2016, the movie will be 20 years old and I have a feeling this sequel is aiming to release in conjunction with that anniversary.

Much to our excitement, they announced that Liam Hemsworth was tied to the new movie and Jeff Goldblum will be returning as well. A Hemsworth AND Goldblum together?! I’m not sure my little fangirl brain can handle this.

Not much yet has been revealed about the plot besides Will Smith’s character’s biological son, played by Jessie Usher, will be on the forefront somehow as well. Will the same aliens be returning? Or will it be the last movie’s alien’s angry cousins looking for revenge? Or maybe there will be new aliens with some sort of plot twist that doesn’t even involve a planet take over?! The possibilities are endless.

Things that would make this sequel even more awesome: Will Smith surprise cameo, perhaps punching another alien. Liam Hemsworth delivering an epic speech like Bill Pullman did (might be an impossible feat).


Just like anyone else my age, Ghosbusters was a big part of my life. I am not an obsessed fan but it was something that was always there for me, whether it was in movie or animated form. The next movie, which is supposedly not a sequel but a ‘reboot’ is an all-female line-up: Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon. It will be directed by Paul Feig who directed Bridesmaids.

As most things on the internet, many have taken a political stance on this debate and I am sure a quick Google will bring up any sexist comments made on this not-yet-made movie.

For now, I am not going there. I am a “I’ll watch anything related to Ghosbusters!” type of fan and although I would love to have Bill Murray pop in for the new movie, I know I will enjoy it to some capacity. Plus, I’m kind of excited to see what they do with the technology and if they’re going to keep the ghosts still somewhat cartoony!


Things that would make this sequel even more awesome: BILL MURRAY.

Bill & Ted 3

The last Bill & Ted movie was released almost 25 years ago. Both Bill (Alex Winters) and Ted (Keanu Reeves) are 25 years older. Granted, Keanu hasn’t aged since the 90s because he is The Chosen One, after all… this new movie is going to have to do a huge time warp somehow.

Yes, both Alex and Keanu are involved  and since they are the title characters, I am assuming they’ll be pretty integral to the new plot. Although, let’s not forgot that they named their babies “Little Bill” and “Little Ted” so one can assume that Little Bill and Little Ted are no longer little after 25 years. Would No-Longer-Little Bill and Ted take over this sequel and cause hijinks through time like their dads did?

Will the phone booth remain the same phone booth?

Will the youth of today even know what a phone booth is?


Things that would make this sequel even more awesome: Unfortunately, George Carlin is no longer with us. Perhaps there will be a new Rufus, or they’ll just Doctor Who it and regenerate Rufus with a new face.

Jurassic World


Things that would make this sequel even more awesome: JEFF GOLDBLUM. If he makes a surprise cameo, I will let out the most annoying “squee” inside the movie theaters. Just saying.

Zoolander 2

I am have been dying since there was a small mention on the rumor mill that Zoolander 2 was going to happen. Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson recently “crashed” Paris Fashion Week in character as Derek and Hansel and pretty much confirmed that this sequel will exist sooner than later. The official “teaser” for Zoolander 2 is the two most popular male models walking the Maison Valentino runway.

Is it just me or would it kind of funny to see a Zoolander 2 x Bill and Ted 3 crossover? No? Just me?

Things that would make this sequel even more awesome: I really hope that the greatest hand model of our generation, David Duchovny, will reprise his role.

The X-Files

Speaking of David Duchovny, let’s talk a little bit about The X-Files and the supposed new series that they are trying to bring into fruition. Some of you may not know so I will say it again, The X-Files and will always will be my favorite television series which is the main reason I am putting it on this list. This franchise defined me when I was growing up and pretty much solidify my affinity towards the supernatural and science fiction. It is one of the few things I would invest (waste…) money and time into.

When David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson and Chris Carter got on the internet and declared that they were ALL in on a new X-Files, uh…. something, anything!… whether it be a series of movie or another min-series on television, I was so excited. No fangirl or fanboy’s excitement for the new Avengers movie this summer can match mine. I won’t even try to explain the feels.


It has also been said that this new series will be closer to the original mythology than the movies were and die hard X-Philes celebrate everywhere!

Did you guys know that the fandom term “shipping” originated from The X-Files? No matter who or what, this show has touched your fan life. I can’t wait to see a new chapter to Mulder and Scully’s lives, the original shipped fandom couple. More on this later as it picks up steam. This blog my turn into my own personal X-Phile dumping ground.

Things that would make this sequel even more awesome: Bring back The Long Gunmen! Technically, they are supposedly dead… but they could NOT be dead.

21st Jump Street x Men in Black (???)

One of the best things that came out of the Sony hacks/leaks (besides Angelina Jolie giving Amy Pascal the “bitch, I’ll cut you” look) is the supposed talks of crossing over these two franchises in one epic and possibly really dumb movie.

So different from each other. Yet, I want it. I didn’t know I wanted it. Judge me all you want, but the thought of Jenko and Schmidt getting tangled up with the MIB already makes me want to jump up and down and clap my hands in frantic excitement. I want to see Channing Tatum air hump an alien. I don’t ask the world for much, but this is the one thing I am asking for.

I don’t care if it doesn’t make sense logically in ANY capacity to throw these two universes together. I don’t care if it doesn’t even make sense business wise to smush these two together. In my heart, it makes sense.

In my heart, it feels right.


Things that would make this sequel even more awesome: Dave Franco returns and becomes an MIB agent. Or reveals that he’s an alien. Either way.

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