Awesome Fanfic Monday: Batman Style

Hello and welcome to the premiere post of our new regular segment, Awesome Fanfic Monday!

Twice a month we will feature one of our favorite pieces of fan fiction and talk about what makes it so special. One of the reasons why I wanted to start this segment is because fan fiction can be an easy source for giggles. I mean, haven’t we all read the infamous My Immortal and laughed until we cried? Sometimes though I think people get so caught up in the endearingly hilarious stories like My Immortal that they forget there are some pretty righteous pieces of writing out there that deserve some credit.

And what could be more ceremonious than starting off a segment with none other than fan fiction from Batman? I mean, come on. It’s Batman. 


For our very first Awesome Fanfic Monday I would like to feature one of my favorite pieces, Never Walk Away by Stoneage Woman. 

Never Walk Away is a one-shot about the friendship between Batman and Gordon. It takes place in the Nolanverse and after the events of The Dark Knight. What I really enjoy about this one shot is that it shows how vulnerable Batman is after the events of The Dark Knight, despite how hard he may try to hide it. Stoneage Woman also comes up with some creative and credible actions by the citizens of Gotham to retaliate their now fallen hero. For example in Never Walk Away it mentions that there are a group of people who now commit robberies dressed as Batman. I’ve always loved the friendship between Batman and Gordon and this is a story that nicely captures it, especially at that chaotic time.

After The Dark Knight was released I was so hungry for more, I wanted to know more about Gotham in this specific fictional universe and what the potential ramifications were for Batman’s actions. One of the places I went to satisfy my fangirl thirst was and this story did not disappoint. This is in fact the first of Stoneage Woman’s “Rooftop Series” of one-shots between Gordon and Batman. Her stories are creative with well written dialogue and fit right in with the Nolanverse. Obviously if you are a fan of Nolan’s interpretation of Batman then I definitely recommend this story. I would also like to thank Stoneage Woman for helping me cope with the epic Batman withdrawals I suffered after The Dark Knight, her stories helped to take me back to that dark and wonderful world that is Gotham. Now I don’t want to give everything away about what makes Never Walk Away a good piece of fan fiction, so you’re just going to have to read it yourself! Go go go!

What are some of your favorite pieces of fan fiction? Comment below!

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