Fanart GLEE: Marvel’s Hawkeye


Fanart by AndyFairhurst @ deviantart

I hold a very special place in my heart for Hawkeye. I know everyone else loves them some of that Iron Man or Captain America or Thor, but to me, Hawkeye is my favorite Avenger from the movie. I also really enjoy the comic book series by writer Matt Fraction and artist, David Aja. Which means this edition of Fanart GLEE will also play homage to not only to Clint Barton but to the amazing and sassy Kate Bishop as well.

Actually, I’ll be totally honest — most of these are of Kate Bishop. She’s cool.



Fanart by nimloth87 @ tumblr


Fanart by ChasingArtwork @ deviant art


Fanart by aprilled @ tumblr


Fanart by Enacchi @ deviantart


Fanart by dolcissimo @ tumblr


Fanart by pumpkinbear @ deviantart


Fanart by strongstuff @ deviantart

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