WeLoveFine x Marvel: Age of Fashion Collection

WeLoveFine and Marvel have dropped their ‘Age of Fashion’ collection for pre-order today, just in time for Avengers: Age of Ultron.


The collection features Avengers-centric pieces, that are simple yet fashionably fierce, ranging from $26 to  $36 (USD).

The direction of Geek fashion is constantly evolving, and lately, there’s been a strong push towards diversity and positivity within fandoms, which is certainly the case for this shoot. There was a strong effort to include ladies of different races and backgrounds, as well as body types.

Meet the models:

model bios

Photography: Greg DeStefano
Producer: Meredith Placko
Makeup: Erin Nakashima
Hair: Cici Andersen
Styling: Michelle Nguyen and Yume Lee (of Defective Geeks)
Art Direction: Catherine Elhoffer

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 10.21.52 AM


Defective Geeks’ own Yume Ninja and Michelle “ChubbyBunny” were involved with both styling and modeling this brand new collection of Marvel awesomeness and compiled some cool behind the scenes photos and videos of what goes into this kind of a shoot.


for more behind the scenes goodness, continue below!

It was an honor being asked to model alongside the group of very diverse women, but even more exciting when we were asked to help style and assist in the creative direction of the Age of Fashion shoot.

WLFMarvel-AOF-04 WLFMarvel-AOF-02 WLFMarvel-AOF-03

Being fashion enthusiasts and geeks, we set out to enhance the versatility, fun, and fashionably-aware items in this line.


We definitely wanted to focus in on the fun, versatile, and simple style of the collection but show that geek fashion can be changed and enhanced by accessorizing and throwing in some individual style.


Whether that be hitting the gym, casual outfit of the day, or a fun night out with friends, each item in the collection could be super casual or dressed up for girls night out.

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 10.16.37 AM

It’s nice to have a reminder that simple tees and tanks can be styled to fit any occasion, and we had a blast coming up with looks for our favorite Avengers (and villain)!

With any large ensemble, it’s important to differentiate each look as you would their character, yet keep a cohesive tone throughout.


WLFMarvel-AOF-12 WLFMarvel-AOF-21 WLFMarvel-AOF-05


We wanted various styles of soft and wavy hair, to keep it feminine, but also add that that strength with brighter lips or sharper eyes, keeping in mind characters who were exceptionally “good” versus the more “grey” area characters.



There was also an emphasis to keep the styles fun and simple enough that any geek fashionista could expand them into her own personal style, without looking like casual cosplay. We love cosplay (because we love cosplaying!), but definitely feel like Geek Fashion should also help bring an individual’s style.

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 10.46.29 AM

Black Widow is the cool and resourceful bad ass of the Avengers. In order to keep that cool and streetwise vibe, we paired the looks with motorcycle jackets, boots, and black leatherette textures. Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 10.54.58 AM

Captain America is the classic All-American hero. We kept Alicia Marie a star spangled and casual, while emphasizing her feminine beauty. Pairing her simple tops and simply stunning red dress with metallic items kept it classic for both her casual and evening looks.

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 10.47.06 AM

Since Tony Stark is the bad boy billionaire, we wanted to focus on giving him flair and flashy details. Pairing the top with a jacket with lots of gold zippers, or aviator glasses, and a cool shoulder bag gave it that ‘effortlessly cool’ vibe.

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 10.46.42 AM

Hawkeye is a a no-nonsense, straight-forward character. But if you look closely there are details and depth to him, We Love Fine’s Hawkeye dress captured this with it’s cool front design, but gave it a fashionable sheer panel in the back. We pair a lot of his items with simple black leggings, skirts, and shoes to emphasize the design of the dress itself.


Lastly, being the only two non-Humans, we knew Thor and Loki had to look different but still look as if they belong in this group of fashionably powered group.

Being Asgardians from a different realm, we went more ethereal with the longer hair and makeup. We focused on enhancing the metallic details of each design by keeping the theme through out each of their looks, silver for Thor, and gold for Loki.

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 10.42.23 AM
Our favourite pieces from this collection?

For Yume, the standout item is the Captain America dolman shrug. Not that she couldn’t as easily admit that she loves the Loki Georgette Back Tank.
The dolman shrug however, is amazingly adaptable to a variety fashion pieces, and a much more subtle. From the front, it reads as a very fashionable and chic item that you could find in anyone’s closet, but once you get a look at the back you know that it proudly salutes the Cap.

Yume is a sucker for ‘subtle geek’. Having your geekside show in smaller or clever details in well-constructed fashion items, require a lot more thoughtfulness in design and will have more flexibility in personal day to day styling.


For Michelle, she’s totally biased. Michelle loved the Thor Georgette Back Tank!

The print is outstanding, and the metallics on the front really pop and read “LUXURY” when you see it in person. The back is a soft and semi sheer fabric that has two neat tucks at the collar that give it a cape-like flow when you move.

Wearing it down, or tucking in to a skirt gives you two really different looks that you’ll both love. The print isn’t as subtle as Captain America’s shrug, but it definitely commands a little more attention with metallic foiling.

What did you like most about this collection? What are you getting?

Let us know!

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