Unfinished [Anime] Business

We all have our favorite anime – the ones we will perpetually always tell friends they just have to watch with a crazy look in our eyes as we grip their shoulders tight [btw you should watch FMA: Brotherhood no srsly go watch it WATCH IT NOW]. But what about the ones that don’t make the cut? What about these anime turns us away before even finishing one season? Or stopping in the middle of one?

I’m generally not a very picky person when it comes to being entertained, but there have been some anime in my life that I have stopped watching, and I decided to go through and figure out what it was about some of these that got me to stop.

Please note that I am not saying these anime are bad. I’m simply stating what I, personally, didn’t enjoy about them. thx <3

01_04Kuroko no Basuke

Number of episodes watched: 14

This was my first step into sports anime, before I became completely stupid obsessed with Free!

In the end, I couldn’t deal with the long basketball scenes, and part of that might be due to the fact that I know ZERO about basketball. I did like some of the characters, but in the end they weren’t enough to keep me going. I got so far, too!

I also remember totally that every time this one character came on the screen I was just confused as to what his face was supposed to be doing because he looked like a cat and so I couldn’t focus on anything else.

The show is still running, though, so maybe it gets better. Maybe one day I’ll return. Maybe.


lookit this cutie
lookit this cutie

Samurai Flamenco

Number of episodes watched: 11

Okay. This anime. I was SO excited about it. I loved the concept, I loved the art, I especially loved the super shounen-ai-kinda if you squinted friendship between the two main characters. I got through the first 10 episodes, happily enjoying myself, getting exactly what I wanted. Then everything shifts, and it’s no longer about a dorky guy who wants to be a superhero, it’s super serious and gundamu style shit going on.

That wasn’t what I signed up for. So I stopped watching.  D:


hey gurl heeeey
hey gurl heeeey

Gundam 00

Number of episodes watched: 28

OKAY SO BEAR WITH ME. I know I just said that I wasn’t into the gundam theme that Samurai Flamenco became, but Gundam 00 is part of that reason. It saddens me.

Back when Gundam 00 first came out, I had some friends who were into it, and somehow I got pulled in. There were politics, and robots, but the character art had been created by Yun Kouga, who is the mangaka for Loveless and Earthian and I happen to love them both. SO. I decided to give it a try. I was particularly drawn to the character of Allelujah/Hallelujah. I have a weird thing about tortured souls and inner demons becoming something more real and…anyways. Let’s just say I read into that character a bit too much.

He was really my main driving force in the show, though I did grow to like the other characters. I was even in a cosplay group [as Allelujah of course]. In the end, I stuck around for the whole first season. Then I got to season 2. Then they turned my precious bby Allelujah into a character that I just didn’t care about anymore, in just one episode I lost all my interest. And that was that. I never looked back on another Gundam show ever again. It’s a tragic tale.




Diabolik Lovers

Number of episodes watched: 1

Once upon a time, I had listed this as an anime I was looking forward to. It had vampires. Pretty boy vampires. It seemed promising.

This anime was super warning signs trigger sensitive nightmare town. Immediately in the first episode, the guys are all arguing over who gets to claim the girl, are super gross and pervy to her, and it’s just all around awkward and not something I could stomach watching another episode of. D:

I MUST ADMIT though that in looking up pictures on this and going over it in my mind again, I really wish I enjoyed it? Is that a weird thing to want? I’m so conflicted.



SO! Those are some of the anime I have more vivid memories around no longer watching. What are some animes that you have given the good ol’ college try? Are any of these worth giving a second shot?

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