The Craft at Hogwarts

When it was announced that Sony was attempting a remake of the 90s cult classic “The Craft” last month, the internet let out a collective groan.
Who can blame them after seeing that watered down outrageously bad Jem trailer?

However, the announcement did get my nostalgia wheels turning.
What else has witches with traits that can be divided into four?
Motherfuckin’ HOGWARTS.


It amazed me that I had actually never come across a Craft x Hogwarts mash up before. I am sure it exists.

I enlisted the help of my two Potter friends (who were free) in recreating ‘The Craft’ movie poster in a Potteresque fashion.

We wanted to keep the sort of schoolgirl uniform fashion look of the original poster, and so each of us mixed up the Hogwarts uniform per house. ‘The Craft’ is very much iconic 90s fashion, so we wanted to have an updated fashion element.
Funny enough, the accepted fandom timeline is that Harry Potter also went to Hogwarts in the 90s


In creating the background image for the poster, I did reference the original Craft poster: the rain, the lighting ball/storm, the walking pose, the school uniform element…etc.

I did take several liberties though, because wanted to pay homage to it and not just down right copy it. Also I wanted it to have a Harry Potter film poster color scheme, and title font.

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 2.07.47 PM


In the usual spirit of DIY, we shot the entire thing in about 1.5hrs before heading out to Memorial day bbqs. All of it was done, one girl at a time, with my fan, and some blank wall in my apartment.

Ravenclaw – Mandie
True to Ravenclaw, Mandie was smart and brought over her actual full Hogwarts uniform (including robe!) along with wands, pins, and props.


Slytherin – Michelle
Of course Slytherin would be the most risque. They play by their own rules. Let’s face it, Nancy would have been a Slytherin.

Gryffindor & Hufflepuff – Yume (ME! Surprise)
Because of the spontaneity of this shoot/idea, I ended up being 2 different girls, and just did my hair/makeup differently so I would look more like 2 different people. The magic of makeup, contouring, and of course, photoshop.
And yes, I am a Gryffindor.

Totally want to do another spontaneous nerd shoot again.

Ravenclaw – Mandie (@GeekyGlamorous)
Slytherin – Michelle (@Iamchubbybunny)
Gryffindor/Hufflepuff (@Yumeninja)
photography/editing: Yume Ninja

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