Vampire Themed Gifts – Surviving the Summer Drought of TVD

I'm a Vampire.
I’m a Vampire.

Graduations are almost over, wedding season has started, and reruns of The Vampire Diaries leave me thirsty for a few new things. If you know a grad, birthday gal or bachelorette who has a thing for vamps this short list of items might peek your interest.

If you’re a fan of Adventure Time and vampires a Marceline The Vampire Queen T-Shirt is a pretty solid choice if you have to buy something last minute.

Marceline Nouveau T-Shirt
Marceline Nouveau T-Shirt

Summer is here whether you tan or burn while enjoying the long sunny days and cool nights. Keep your drinks cold with a Cold Blooded Vampire Ice Tray in the shape of fangs. Use some Kool-Aid and you’ve made yourself some sweet tasting ice fangs that even Marceline could enjoy.

Cold Blooded Vampire Ice Tray. I promise it's not made with real blood.
I promise it’s not made with real blood.


Do you have a hard time finishing full sentences during daylight hours? A coffee mug that shares your feelings with the world might help people understand why you stay muted until lunchtime.

I Wanna Be A Vampire. Who drinks coffee.
I Wanna Be A Vampire. Who drinks coffee.


Most modern vampire characters don’t wear cloaks or capes any more, but that doesn’t mean people don’t love them! Plan your Halloween costume early and grab a beautiful Crushed Velvet Hooded Cape online. Then lend it out to your Goth friend and be sad when they never give it back to you.

I wanna snuggle with you and in my cape tonight.
I wanna snuggle with you and my cape tonight.


A great choice for any vamp-loving book worm is a copy of American Vampire by Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque and Stephen King. New vampire lore and species come in to play in this great comic book series. Available in paperback and hardcover for folks who are behind on their collecting, and on Nook for some who want to jump right in to the story.

Who knew vampires could be so patriotic?
Who knew vampires could be so patriotic?


If you want a unique twist to your regularly scheduled bachelorette party then head over to The Hollywood Men and make a special request. One last chance to reenact those fantasies with Damon from TVD now that he’s single again. Warning: They bite, handcuffs are used, but it’s sexy.

Be careful what you wish for...
Be careful what you wish for…


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