Party Tiger 2.0: SDCC 2015 Party List of Where to Shake Your Nerd Booty

Alright, team.

It’s that time of year, where once again, WE ENTER… THE SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON PARTY TIGER. The Party Tiger represents the true beast within us all, ready for action, scotch in hand, prepared to take one for the team and convince any doorman that THE TIGER IS ON THE LIST. Above all, Party Tiger is loyal to her friends, no matter what glitzy Hollywood party happens, she is loyal to her pack, and not a ditching digeri dingo! Parties are no fun without friends! So come with us… and EMBRACE YOUR INNER PARTY TIGER for Comic Con!!

This was me at Comic Con. Well, the tiger head was actually a backpack. And it got a lot of attention--some good, some bad, haha.
This was me at Comic Con. Well, the tiger head was actually a backpack. And it got a lot of attention–some good, some bad, haha.

If you remember anything from our post about last year at San Diego Comic Con, it’s that we all owe it to ourselves, our friends, and OUR (lack of) DIGNITY to party until our guts say STAHHP! We had a kick ass time hanging out with nerd personalities, celebs, and, most importantly, our awesome friends last year, and this year is definitely going to be no different… with a little planning! We’ve once again whittled down the list of parties to those that meet our Party Tiger criteria: LOW cost, WON’T be a giant B to get into, and ACTUALLY sounds like fun people will be there!

If you’re thinking to yourself, “Ho hum, maybe I won’t party too hard… I’ve been to SDCC plenty of times…,” THEN WE SAY UNTO YOU… “NAYYYY!”

Now listen up: With the ever increasing scarcity of hotel rooms, I’m sure more than a few of you readers will be stacked like sardines with 8 other people in a 4-person room, your sleeping space sectioned off under a table where you have a small array of snacks and water so you do not die during the night. LOOK, trust us, WE’VE ALL BEEN THERE, and that’s even MORE reason to say FAREWELL to sleep, and commit to being the best Party Tiger you can be.

And if you wanna know where WE are during the con, we will be all over social media , sharing party info, snapping pics of amazing nerds, and probably posting one too many selfies the drunker we get. TALLY HO:



Party list and tips after the jump!




Real talk time: We know we no longer have the stamina nor kidneys of a 20 year old (If you’re reading this, and are still 20, GOD BLESS YOUR YOUNG LIVER), and so, in order to properly channel The Party Tiger, we must prepare for the jawsome road ahead of us. Horde your Gil, replenish your HP, get your armor, and equip those anti-vomit abilities, everyone! You will need:

  1. Portable alcohol: Obviously, hide this shit in the inner pocket of your purse, in a glass water bottle (those glass kombucha bottles work swell. Plastic will usually melt if it’s only designed for water. Eww! Plastic vodka!), or similar. You will need a quick nip throughout the night so you don’t lose your buzz and get all Sleepytown, USA on your friends.
  2. Hydrating liquids: Coconut water and Gatorade are SUPER DUPER for replenishing those electrolytes you’ve been sweating out while waiting in line for that SDCC exclusive. The key to avoiding hangovers is LIQUIDS. For with great Party Tiger Party Power, comes great dehydration for the untrained party-goer. You can get a case of 12 VitaCocos on Amazon for $20, and it’s totally worth lugging to the convention. They run about $2 each if you try to buy them in a convenience store. That, and it’ll save your butt if you put it next to your bed before you drunk-sleep.
  3. Hangover Pills: GET. THESE. NOW. When I was a bartender in Japan, we all swore by taking vitamin B complex  pills to avoid hangovers. It hella works, you guys. Now they have “hangover pills” on Amazon you can get, which have similar properties. I personally think RU21 (available on Amazon) works very well and have been using it for about year. Take 2 before you drink and 2 when you’re done! Chug water and you have a much less likely chance of having your body turn into zombie mush.
  4. Flat Shoes: LADIES: WE. GET. IT. We all wanna look cute, and especially those of us who are short (the average height of the Defective Geeks girls is 5’3″ haha) wanna look leggy and not like tiny children in a bar. BUT! Your ankles will feel like pieces of crumbly chalk by Friday morning if you don’t invest in flat shoes to carry with you when you do decide to heel up! The Dr. Scholl’s foldable flats are like $7 on Amazon, so you really have no excuse to be bitching about your pinchy heels all night!


Day Zero: Preview night always proves to be the best night to settle into your room, text all of your friends to figure out where they are, and gather up your homies for some bonding time before the craziness truly begins.

And like last year, don’t forget that celeb spotting is great at main hotel bars, since those bros gotta hydrate somewhere, and the studios usually put them up in the closest/best spots:

Hard Rock Hotel: Tons of celebrities and studio execs stay here, and every night there’s a crazy hard-to-get-into VIP party during SDCC, but at least on Wednesday night, the FLOAT lounge on the second floor is VIP-less, and a beautiful area to hang with your friends, grab a drink, and take a dip in the jacuzzi! That’s what we did last year on Thursday! Avoid this hotel past Thursday, though, as the crazy VIP parties mean you can’t even get into the lobby without showing a grumpy giant man your key card (and he will still yell at you anyway).

Hilton Bayfront: Tons of the big studios have room blocks there, and the bars have wicked views. Many comic-cons have been spent here, languishing over whisky in the bar, and meeting a lot of awesome friends.

Game of Bloggers Comic-Con Meet up: 9-11PM at the Dragon’s Den. Free! A short and sweet little mixer to meet and mingle with nerd bloggers, vloggers, and podcasters. If you’re feeling the itch to socialize and meet new people Wednesday, this is your spot! Hosted by Info here.


Day 1! Pack your flask and flat shoes, drink your coconut water, and get ready to party your faces off, because Thursday is the night when most people let loose the most at SDCC, divesting themselves of all that pent up nerd excitement that’s been building for weeks. Also, we suspect that is because by Friday, your legs already feel wobbly from the crazy amount of trekking you’ve done inside the convention and out. Party hard tonight, friends, but save some energy for Friday!

The Villain Pub: “How Jurassic World Should Have Ended” Premiere: 4pm at Harry’s Pub. Alright, this is technically EARLY evening/LATE afternoon, but the setup these guys have at the pub makes for some excellent early drinking to start your night. Plus, BEER IS A CARB SO THAT’S DINNER, TOO, RIGHT? Serving up themed drinks and grub, with an arcade installation and video premiere, the “How It Should Have Ended” guys are creating a fun fan experience and debuting their Jurassic World video with a Q&A at 4pm! Stop by, get weird, and “UM, ACTUALLY” each other about dinosaur facts. More Info.

Comic Book Legal Defense Fund Welcome Party: 8PM at the Westgate Hotel. Cash bar, free snacks, and a pretty view make it a chill, relaxing event where you can get your night started before the insanity hits. Tickets via donation can be purchased here, starting at $10.

Geeks Go Glam: 8PM at the San Diego Public Library. Hosted by The Nerdy Girlie and Being Geek Chic, this dressy to do is an event to get glammed up for, with live music, teas, coffees, and snacks. Raffle prizes and photobooth galore, this party is one that RNG and BGC hope to continue onto next year as well! Tickets are $15 in advance ONLY. You can’t get them at the door, kids, so plan ahead! Purchase here.

BOOM! 10 Year Birthday Bash: 9PM-Close Odysea Bar (in Hilton Bayfront Hotel). Our buddies at BOOM! Are having another awesome mixer and celebration! No rsvp, no lines, no bullshit, only fun! Cash Bar and lots of fun! Flyer


Day 2! Did you awake with the feeling of a tiny boat sailing through your esophagus? It may feel wrong, but you know you did something oh-so-right last night. Chug some electrolytes, slap on your DEAL WITH IT shades, and eat some starches to soak up that alcohol-y goodness in your insides. Because it is time to get CRUNK TONIGHT.

Usually there are more parties on Thursday, but it looks like this time, Friday has a lot going on too! Lucky you!

Fashionably Nerdy SDCC Cocktail Hour and Mixer: 5PM at the Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel’s Grand Lobby Bar. The perfect place to get a little buzzed and start the night, this mixer features goodie bags, raffles, and a prize for best Geek Chic dressed. Break out the heels (for at least an hour, okay? EFFORT, people!), and grease those elbows to hang with the cutest crowd at SDCC. Hosted by Fashionably Nerdy and Geek Chic TV. Facebook Invite info.

Ghostbusters Mass-Hysteria: 7PM at the Werewolf. The Real Tampa Bay Ghostbusters fan team returns to Werewolf Bar for their 2nd annual event. Arrive early to grab a seat, take a selfie with the Ecto-1 parked out front, and nerd out about the Ghostbusters movie… and the remake! Facebook RSVP info.’s “Cinephile” with Adam Savage: Unknown time, at FLUXX. These guys don’t seem to know when the party’s starting, but a party it shall be! Showcasing Mythbuster’s Adam Savage’s creations of movie props and costumes, this is the second year has been hosting this fun fan event. No RSVP/tix needed. Info here.

Marked Men VI: Tribute to Once Upon a Time: 8PM – 12AM on the STAR OF INDIA (It’s on a BOAT, Y’ALL!) 1492 North Harbor Drive. Every year Marked Men throws an insane all night party aboard a pirate ship, complete with character and music performances, booze, and multiple levels of partying goodness. This year is no different, with a host of prizes and spectacles galore to keep you happy and crunk all night long.  Tickets are still available, and will totally make your comic con experience spectacular. Tickets here!


Day 3! Are your feet the color of a tropical sunset? Are your legs pulsating with the pain of a thousand dead souls? Does the small of your back feel like there are tiny Storm Troopers constructing the Death Star? If you’ve answered yes to any of these, then you probably feel like your Party Tiger soul has left your body. But guess what? It’s likely the LAST NIGHT OF FUN you’ll be able to have this month, so SUCK IT UP, pound that Red Bull, and venture forth SO YOU MAY PARTY INTO THE DEPTHS OF MORDOR WITH YOUR HOMIES ONE LAST TIME. The Fellowship SHALL NOT BE BROKEN!

Slam-Con: Time & place TBA! Last year, we told you all about this party, why we love it, who we saw (SAMMM!! SAMMM!!!) and why we ranked it our #2 best SDCC party! This year, rub elbows with the chillest nerd kids at the con once again! Todd Stashwick and Dennis Calero host this awesome event, and, what makes Slam Con fun, is that they don’t reveal the location until the day of the party via Twitter, which makes it a little mysterious and intimate for fans and for the people who go every year! So FOLLOW THEM on twitter NOW @Slam_con and don’t forget to turn on those twitter alerts!


Go home, dammit.

GO FORTH, AND PARTY, MY FRIENDS! Will we see any of you other party tigers at SDCC this year?

You can find us running around the convention doing interviews and video, or more likely, at a bar with Scotch on the rocks in hand, squinty-eyeballing a guy who looks like someone we might know from the CW, haha.

See you at SDCC, MY FRIENDS!



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