Fanart GLEE: Agent Carter


Fanart by noisy mouse @ tumblr

Hayley Attwell recently won the title of Queen of Dubmash on the Land of Internet. If you haven’t been paying attention, the cast members of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and Agent Carter had declared war on each other via the app Dubmash during San Diego Comic-Con 2015. It was delightful and adorable for all of us fans. This article documented the entire battle. Here’s the final conclusion on how Peggy Carter won. In lieu of this most amazing competition, I decided to dedicated this week’s Fanart GLEE to Agent Carter herself. Check out all the amazing artwork below the jump!


Artist Unknown


fan art by ratscape @ deviantart


fan art by c-a-y @ deviantart


fan art by megsplash @ deviantart


fan art by effix35 @ deviantart


fan art by putomikel @ deviantart

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